Why Madhuri Dixit is the Bollywood’s Best Actress ever.

Madhuri Dixit is largely seen as the best bollywood actress ever. Here, a thorough investigation is made to see why she is seen to be the best actress ever, why such a title cannot be given to anyone else. The criteria for best actress is on the basis of acting and versatility, beauty and glamour, superstardom or box office pull, iconic image. Madhuri’s acting, versatility, beauty etc. are well known, so in this article more emphasis will be given to her superstardom, explaining why she is known as the greatest female superstar. Finally some facts about her to highlight her iconic status will be provided.

Acting and versatility: Madhuri’s acting talent is phenomenon. Hardly any other actress in cinema has her level of naturalness, power, depth, spontaneity and subtlety. As Madhuri’s voice and expressions of it are remarkable, so are her emotive skills. Being very versatile, she has portrayed all sorts of emotions on screen with enormous success, and always came out bigger than the films she was in. (Though awards are no measure for the assessment of an enormous talent like her, she gas got 11 major awards as an actress, and got nominated 26 times)

Beauty and Glamour: Madhuri is a classical beauty yet can be very contemporary. Her beauty is legendary. She can be very glamorous as well when needed.

Box Office pull or superstardom: Madhuri Dixit is one of the fewest actresses who are known to overshadow her male co-stars. Madhuri was always given the credit for her hits more than her male co-stars. As Vikram Phadnis says, “Take any film of Madhuri Dixit, whether the film is a winner or not, Madhuri Dixit is always the hero of the film”. For the purpose of this analysis, ibosnetwork and boxofficeindia has been used. In order to look at the matter numerically “the superstar actress” of ibosnetwork can be referred.

The superstar actresses (adjusted)


It should be mentioned that here due to availability of data after 1970, the actors/actresses before that time do not get due credit, however, once ibosnetwork produced a list incorporating all the data since 1950 as can be seen from the screen shot.

The superstar actress (including all data before 1970, this is the overall list)

The method here is very crude as an actor gets the total BO just by being at a film (Sometimes even being hero/heroines’s mother or father). Moreover, the incorporation of male co-star factor is very important for the qualitative understanding of stardom, which is not done in the list. Madhuri Dixit lies at number 4 despite having most hits in 90s. But if the male co-star factor is incorporated then Madhuri’s superstardom becomes evident. For the purpose, if top ten films of the top five actresses are taken and then the involved male co-star factor is examined it becomes obvious. Here in the (),  the star status of the male co-star as in “top actors in the BO” of ibosnetwork is provided.

Top actors at BO


Top actors at BO (including all data before 1970, this is the overall list)

For example, when for Hema Malini it is written “(1), 3 films”, it means out of top 10 hits of Hema 3 is with a male co-star whose rank at “top actors at the BO” of ibosnetwork is 1. However the ranking changes when all the data 1970 are incorporated, so for each actress both the rankings using current link (data from 1970) and the old link (data from 1950) are provided. For example, Dilip Kumar is much behind in current link (29, as only his post 1970 works are included), however, when his earlier all works are incorporated he lies at number 3 as seen from the screen shot. The old rating is given first and in the bracket [ ] is the rating that comes from the list that incorporates only post 1970 data.

Examining co-star factor with top 10 biggest hits of respective actress:


(Rating of the male co-star), and number of films with him

Hema Malini

(1), 3 films [(1), 3 films]
(2), 3 films [(2), 3 films]
(3), 1 film [(29), 1 film]
(7), 1 film  [(26), 1 film]
(11), 1 film [(21), 1 film]


(1), 5 films [(1), 5 films]
(5), 3 films [(4), 3 films]
(9), 1 film  [(37), 3 film]
(30), 1 film [(27), 3 film]
(13), 2 film [(22), 2 films]


(6), 5 films
(3), 3 films
(13), 1 film
Unrated, 1 film

Madhuri Dixit

(12), 1 film, [(6), 1 film]
(15), 1 films [(7), 1 film]
(18), 3 film  [(10), 1 film]
(21), 1 film [(13), 1 film]
(22), 2 film [(15), 1 film]
(26), 1 film [(17), 1 film]
(67), 1 film [(60), 1 film]


(1), 2 films [(1), 2 film]
(3), 1 films [(29), 1 film]
(4), 1 film [(3), 1 film]
(5), 4 film  [(4), 1 film]
(18), 1 film [(10), 1 film]
(25), 1 film [(16), 1 film]

This shows that not only Madhuri Dixit has the top 10 hits with most varieties (7) of heroes, the overall star status of the hero is much less than her (highest (12), best pair hero (18)).

Now an investigation will be made into the star status of male co-star during the time of the top 10 hits (ibosnetwork) of a given female star. For the purpose ‘top actor’ and ‘top actress’ of boxofficeindia.com (BOI) is referred.

Top actors


Top actresses


BOI ranks top 3 actors/actresses at the end of every year. However, it is very important to note that, the year-by-year top actor/actress status of BOI is flawed, as they are done on the very year (it means it is not analysed afterwards considering outcomes). There criterion is not solely box office sales, in fact they do not have any fixed criteria. The criteria change as their will, thus making the process very controversial. Sometimes they rate an actor above another because of hit, sometime because of asking price, sometimes because of upcoming big and prospective films. Such method totally falls apart, as often an actor is shown as top in a given year not because of delivering big hits but because of asking price and/or signing big budget films. So clearly this method is wrong because of its inconsistency and can never be accepted without reservation. For instance, in 1990 BOI put Sridevi ahead although she did not have any film! (they show the reason as asking price!) In 1989 Sridevi had only small grossers like chadni and chalbaaz (these two films were not significant grosser to be added in the top 50 films of 80s decade of BOI), while Madhuri Dixit once again had two huge grossing films, Ram Lakhan (ranked 12 in top 50 grosser of BOI, 2nd highest grosser of 1989) and Tridev ( ranked 19 in top 50 grosser of BOI, 3rd highest grosser of 1989). In “note” section, BOI was not able to show any justification for Madhuri not being at top. In 1988 Sridevi was shown at top because of “waqt ki awaz” (once again, this film does not rank in top 50 grosser of 80s decade), while Madhuri had delivered the biggest hit of the year that ranked 12 at the top 50 grossser of 80s decade and one of the most memorable blockbuster ever. Sridevi reigned at BO from 1983-1987 (with the exception of one year, 1985, when she did not have any hit that list in top grossing film of that year in BOI). So obviously it is justified that she was top during that time. But after that there was no film of her that ever grossed significantly to be said hugely successful (Ref BOI top 50 grossers of 80s and 90s decade).



While Madhuri not only became most popular after tezaab in 1988, she consistently delivered huge grossing film every year for many years and also moderate hits along with some flops that were still significant grossers. In 1988, 1989 Sridevi does not have a single film that ranks anywhere in the BOI (not in years’ grosser and of course not top 50 grosser in the decade), none of the film ranks even in the top 10 films of Sridevi from ibosnetwork either. So looking at the note of “top actress” in BOI it becomes evident that combination of few factors lead it to show Sridevi at top in 1988, 1989, 1990 (without any film that year!!). The apparent factors were,
(i) her young age, she was 24
(ii) her significant success in BO for last few years
(iii) she was signed for some big budget and big banners including Yash Chopra, Boney Kapoor, Mukul Anand (one with Amitabh)
(iv) her ability to demand high price
(v) her belief in the number game. Her determination, her assertion to media that on the basis of factor (iii), she was still top and she would definitely maintain that (Ref: her interviews).
(vi) A section in media and industry on the basis of factor (iii) and (v) expected her to deliver in terms of box office draw. However, nothing of the sort happened. And none of her big banner films lived upto expectations.

For the case of Madhuri in 1997 the factor (i), (iii) and (v) was totally different, (she was 30), not signing new big films (since the success of dtph she signed only 3 films to date (lajja, devdas and Aaja Nachle)), and only finishing her overdue projects that were already running late, none of them were with big banners or prospective hits and most of the projects took forever to finish. Most importantly she always refused to accept the number game and was not interested in it at all. She was never interested to assert media about being number 1 (which she did not believe anyway), on the contrary had a humble attitude to praise and encourage all the new young actresses. Because of the lack of other factors, for Madhuri’s case, BOI entirely gave importance to BO result only in 1996, 1997. But that was not the case for 1988, 89, 90. As a result, looking back later, trade analysts, industry and media clearly acknowledges that Madhuri became top in 1988 and maintained that for over a decade. No actress since Madhuri could match the continuing success of hers. But, Madhuri stardom never faded (actually that was the time when she turned to a legend from just the big superstar) as evident from her becoming “actress of the millennium” in 2000 and Forbes magazine portraying her as one of the top 5 stars in late 2001 (two year after her overseas marriage and despite not having significant BO success lately). In 2000, the millennium edition of Guinness Book of Record reported her as the highest paid Indian actress. It is obvious that such anomalies in top actor of BOI are present elsewhere, but only the years that affect Madhuri have been investigated and analysed here.

In spite of the anomaly and inconsistency of BOI “Top actor” and “top actress”, it will be used for the investigation of the star status of male co-star during the time of the top 10 hits (ibosnetwork) of a given female star. To minimize the reservation, all top 3 actor or actress will be considered as top actor and actress in any given year. The overall rank of any actor/actress from ibosnetwork will be given from the original ranking i.,e including records before 1970


The superstar actresses (adjusted)


list including record before 1970

Top actors at BO


Top actors at BO (including data before 1970)

Hema Malini:


As per BOI “top actress”, Hema Malini was in “top 3” from 1972- 1983. However, the top 10 hits of “The superstar actress” of ibosnetwork shows Hema Malini had her top 10 hits between 1972 to 1976. From the Table it is seen that Hema Malini had 3 hits with Amitabh, 3 with Dharmendra. During the whole period and even after that both these male co-stars stayed in top 3 of the BOI “top actors”. Moreover these two actors are ranked 1 and 2 respectively in the “top actors in BO” of ibosnetwork. So the male co-star factor for her is very strong.



As per BOI “top actress”, Rekha was in “top 3” from 1978- 1983. However, the top 10 hits of “The superstar actress” of ibosnetwork shows Rekha had her top 10 hits between 1972 to 1980. From the Table it is seen that Rekha had 5 hits with Amitabh (ranked 1 in ibos), 3 with Jeetendra (ranked 5 in ibos). Amitabh was on top during and after that period while Jeetendra was in “top 3” from 1980-1986. This shows that the male co-star factor for Rekha’s major hits is strong.

Nargis: As per BOI “top actress” Nargis was in top 3 from 1948- 1957. And the top 10 hits of “The superstar actress” of ibosnetwork shows Nargis had her top 10 hits between 1948 to 1957. Nargis had 5 major hits with Raj Kapoor (ranked 6 in ibosnetwork) and 3 with Dilip Kumar (ranked 3 in ibosnetwork). From ‘top actor’ of BOI it is seen that Dilip Kumar stayed in top 3 from 1947 to1965, while Raj Kapoor from 1949 to 1960. Nargis is the only actress other than Madhuri for whom the range of years for top 10 hits from ibosnetwork and ranking in “top 3” of BOI “top actress” totally overlap.

Madhuri Dixit:


As per BOI “top actress” Madhuri Dixit was in “top 3” from 1988- 1997, and the top 10 hits of “The superstar actress” of ibosnetwork shows Madhuri had her top 10 hits between 1988 to 1997 (the 11th one is in 2002). She is the only one other than Nargis whose top record period of BOI and ibos match. It shows that other than Nargis, she is the only one who really reigned with BO pull and not by hype and expectations, media relation or price factor. Madhuri’s male co-star factor will be analysed with some more detail. Seven male co-stars of her top 10 films will be analysed separately.

Anil Kapoor: Madhuri has 3 hits (1988, 1989, 1992) from top 10 hits with Anil Kapoor (ranked 18 in ibosnetwork actor rank, debuted in 1983). In BOI “top actor” Anil is shown in “top actor” only in year 1988-1990 and 1992. Anil never reached top position before and never ever came back in “top actor” after that. From the top 50 grosser list of 80s and 90s it becomes obvious that Anil never ever had a bigger or equal success as a sole hero with any other heroine other than Madhuri.
Amir Khan: Madhuri had 1 film out of top 10 hits with Amir (ranked 26 in ibosnetwork, debuted in 1988) in 1990. However, Amir khan was not seen in the “top actor” actor of BOI around that time, he entered in “top 3” in 1996 and had remained there with occasional exits.
Sanjay Dutt: Madhuri had 2 films out of “top 10” hits with Sanjay (ranked 21 in ibosnetwork, debuted in 1981) in 1991, 1993. Sanjay Dutt was in “top actor” of BOI from 1991 to 93.
Salman Khan: Madhuri has 2 films from her “top 10” hits with Salman (ranked 15 in ibosnetwork, debuted in 1988) one in 1991 and the other in 1994. Salman Khan was seen in the “top actor” of BOI first in 1991 (Madhuri starred Sajaan) and 1991 (after karan arjun), 1998 and afterwards occasionally. The biggest hit HAHK could not propel him into “top 3” in 1994 as the film ‘s success was credited to Madhuri.
Sanjay Kapoor: Sanjay Kapoor (ranks 67 in ibosnetwork, debuted in 1995) was never seen in “top 3” actor of BOI.
Sunny Deol: Madhuri had 1 film from her “top 10” hits with Sunny Deol (ranks 22 in ibosnetwork, debuted in 1983) in 1989. This was the same year when he made his first entrance in “top actor” of BOI “top actor” list.
Shahrukh Khan: Madhuri has 1 film (1997) from her “top 10” hits with Shahrukh Khan (ranked 12 in ibosnetwork ‘top actor in BO’, debuted in 1992). Shahrukh Khan entered in BOI “top actor” in 1994 and maintained his position till the time of the write up (2010).

So the male co-star factor for Madhuri Dixit is very weak or insignificant. In overall star status of male co-stars (highest in (12)) and in year-by-year star status of male co-star, Madhuri is the only female star who is way ahead of her male co-stars. None of the male co-star of her top 10 hit films ever entered the top 3 of top actor of BOI before her. Out of 7 only two entered with her but did not make continuous stay like her and made quick exit. None except SRK made a continuous stay at top 3. Out of 7,  one co-star debuted 3 years before her, 2 debuted 1 year before her, 2 debuted 4 years after her, 1 debuted 8 years after her and 1 debuted 11 years after her.



Though Sridevi is behind Madhuri in “the superstar actress” of ibosnetwork still her male co-star factor is investigated. As per BOI “top actress” Sridevi was in top 3 from 1983- 1993, but the top 10 hits of “The superstar actress” of ibosnetwork shows Sridevi had her top 10 hits between 1983 to 1987. She does not have any other film after 1987 that grossed enough to be displayed in the top 50 of 80s and 90s decade (except the mega budget BO disappointment Khuda Gawah). It is seen from her top 10 hit films,  Sridevi had 2 films with Amitabh, 1 with Dilip Kumar (who had many scattered hits in the 80s including the biggest hit of the decade), 4 with Jeetendra (ranked 5 in ‘top actor in BO’ in ibosnetwork). Jeetendra remained in BOI ‘top actor’ from 1980 to 1986. The Jeetendra- Sridevi hits were during 1982-1986 and he entered the BOI top actor three year before Sridevi.  However Jeetendra exited in 1986 as he was in later stage of his career (he debuted in 1967).  Nagina (the co-star was Rishi Kapoor who debuted in 1973 with huge hit Bobby and all his top 10 hits were before Nagina and bigger hit than Nagina)  and Mr India rank at 44 and 41 in top 50 grosser of 80s decade in BOI respectively (these two are also at 9 and 10 of top 10 hits of Sridevi in ibosnetwork). This shows that the male co-star factor for Sridevi’s major hits is significant.

The above investigation conclusively explains why Madhuri Dixit is the greatest female superstar ever.

(Note: However, one more serious anomaly in ibosnetwork has been detected which affects Madhuri Dixit’s “adjusted collection” and “cumulative BO impact” in a negative manner. Her 1998 film Bade Miya Chote Miya has not been added in her filmography (hence in the calculations), despite featuring in a very hit song and some scene as special appearance. It should be mentioned that for few other actresses such small appearances have been incorporated, such as Sridevi (janbaaz), Kajol (kank, duplicate) Aishwariya Rai (Hum Tumhare Hai Sanam, Bunty aur Babli, Mohabbatein))


Iconic Image: To highlight Madhuri’s unmatchable iconic status some information are added.

*Ashok Kumar said Madhuri Dixit is the most complete actress in 100 years of Indian cinema.

*During the mid 90s she was called the female Amitabh Bachchan for her sheer dominance in the box office.


*Her popularity during her peak was so much that people of neighbouring country Pakistan used to say “take Kashmir give us Madhuri”, even a Pakistani Government official said that jokingly in New Delhi during his visit.

*Madhuri Dixit is the only female star who had domestic and overseas shows (in the Middle east, USA) on her name, i.e., “Madhuri Dixit Live”. She had such shows in early 90s, mid 90s and even in 2000. There was a Madhuri Dixit live in Boston that had tickets sold out 2 week before the show (This was a record for a less Indian populated city like Boston). During her reign Madhuri was bigger star ever than male stars. In 1993 there was a live show that had many stars and in the promotion Madhuri name came even before male stars like Amitabh, Mithun, Salman etc.

* There is a lake in Arunachal Pradesh which is popularly renamed as “Madhuri lake” by the locals. The shooting of a song of film Koyla took place by the side of the very lake. It was at a time when Shahrukh Khan ( the co-actor of Koyla) was already top male star of Bollywood.

* A survey done by Times of India in 1997 found her as the idol for all young woman.

*India’s most famous modern painter known as Picasso of India M. F. Hussain called her “the epitome of womanhood” and made a film with her as a tribute to her “Gajagamini”.

*A TV serial was named on her “Mrs. Madhuri Dixit”.

* She was voted as the actress of the millennium in 2000.



http://rapidshare.com/files/417042512/Madhuri_interview_sfter_marriage.pdf )

* In 2000, the millennium edition of Guinness Book of Record reported her as the highest paid Indian actress.

*In 2001 Forbes magazine named her as one of the most powerful Indian film star.

*In 2003 15th August, she became the best actress ever by zeeenews poll.

*In Jamshedpur there is a person who celebrates Madhuri’s birthday every year. Improtant local personals including government official come in the function. He performs “Madhuri puja”, gives flowers to her photos. Everyone eat sweet after the event. It made news even in BBC. One US researcher has written paper on it.

* In 2003 “Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon”, made by film maker Ram Gopal Verma was a film made as a tribute to her.

*She became the Rediff best actress ever.

*At the age of 40, an UK magazine dubbed her as the second most sexy woman of Asia, this is outstanding for a woman of 40 and a mother of 2.

* In 2008, veteran actress Waheeda Rehman said she wants to see Madhuri Dixit doing the remake of her most famous film “Guide”.

* Economic Times rated her as one of the top 33 woman who made India proud.

* She is the first actress of Hindi cinema who has been honoured by a major award providing magazine (Filmfare) for completion of 25 years in the film industry.

* After a staying away for nearly 2 years from all public appearance she worked as a judge in the cebebrity dance show Jhalak Dikhlaja 4 (in Dec 2010).  Due to her presence, the show generated record TRP among all dance reality shows and became the highest TRP grossing show ever of Sony TV Network.

* She is the first bollywood actress of modern era who has been awarded with Padmashri by Indian Government (in 2008).

* Reputed Magazine Vogue honoured her with their first “The Beauty Legend” award in 2011.

* Legendary actor Dilip Kumar always had two favourite actress, Audrey Hepburn and Madhuri Dixit.

* In March, 2012 her wax statue has been intsalled at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum, London, UK.

* In June 2012, Madhuri Dixit once again won “the most popular actress ever” by an exclusive poll conducted by NDTV. She won by a resounding 53% votes.

*She won the most inspirational bollywood icon of all time by BIWA in 2014

(References of all of the above are available)

Another observation can be made, out of her 11 awards and 26 nominations, Madhuri got most of them during her absolute reign period, which is not the case for other top actresses. It only reflects that not only her  reign was with top quality performances but also the awards or nomination for certain films she received had both viewers and critiques immense approval.  Her awards were not by appropriate lobbying (which usually is the case for most awards) or as consolations, which seems to be the case for most other top actresses (An elaborate discussion on that is beyond the scope of the current article, the readers are encouraged to analyze the case themselves for the other 4 top actress; by comparing the reign period of the actress and the time of any award that the actress received for certain film/films).

Major media house have often mentioned Madhuri Dixit as the greatest actress ever of Bollywood. From the above discussion it becomes obvious why Madhuri Dixit is really the “best Bollywood actress ever”. Being a unique combination of talent, beauty, superstardom,  dignified personality and iconic image, she has become unparalleled in her craft.

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Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt Affair?


This article shows that the alleged rumor of Sanjay and Madhuri affair is false.

The alleged rumor of “Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt affair” pops up every now and then. During those days Sanjay was married to Richa Sharma Dutt and they were having some problem in their marriage. This article attempts to carefully investigate into the media reports, interviews and other materials to look into what the so called “affair” was.

Madhuri as well as Sanjay had always clearly stated the rumor to be false. The following are some excerpts from Sanjay Dutt’s interviews from those years where he talked about it and always denied it. (Madhuri Dixit has always denied it too).

  • There is also an interview of his wife at that time, Richa Sharma
  • Madhuri’s mom’s comment about her marriage in those days
  • Subhash Ghai’s comment about the issue
  • A poll showing how even the audience never believed the gossip
  • Analysing the rumor from a neutral viewpoint.



*Movie October 1991




*Cineblitz February 1992



* Movie October 1993 (after his release on bail from TADA) 




Richa Sharma Dutt (his wife at that time) Stardust Oct 1992 said “why is everybody dragging Madhuri into this (problem in their marriage) she is a nice girl”



Subhash ghai’s interview from Stardust August 1993.



Even the audience never believed the gossip, the proof is the poll done by Movie magazine in June 1993 (before Sanjay’s arrest) that should most did not believe it.


The rumors were only based on their screen chemistry and mutual admiration as co-actors. Sanjay started seeing Rhea Pillai in late 1993 to whom he got married in 1998.

The rumors were spread because of the popularity of the actors as a pair. They gave two blockbusters together, Saajan and Khalnayak and some other hits (Khatron ki Khiladi, Kanoon Apna Apna)


Madhuri Dixit interview Cineblitz Feb, 1992 [the interviewer Patrick Biswas is speculating a secret marriage much like Mithun Sridevi]


However, what is noticeable even the gossip stories never claimed that they were meeting outside work or film parties  (as in the interviewer of  Cineblitz Feb, 1992 questions Madhuri that what she found to be wrong to go out with a friend , blue section).  The stories were mainly about so called source that speculated, “they like each other though they were hiding it from the world”.

Interestingly in 1993 Stardust Madhuri’s mom said that she would marry a US based Doctor or Engineer and this is exactly what happened.



Now the logical fallacies of the rumor will be analysed : 

Despite their denials, the media continued to speculate on their “affair”.  After Sanjay was arrested for TADA they reported Madhuri ended the “relationship”. This is how the media currently (last few years) reports it.

The current stories say MD ended it after his TADA arrest, the question remains why would Sanjay deny again about any linkup with her even after coming out of bail? Why would he not feel anger and humiliation? According to Sanjay’s record he was never shy of expressing his feeling. In fact in the same interview (Movie, Oct, 1993) he blasted some of his colleagues for not standing up for him (he mentions names). On the contrary, he mentioned in that interview how he apologized to Madhuri when he first heard about the stories (Movie Oct 1993).

Madhuri and Sanjay worked together in the film Mahanta that was released in 1997.

Sanjay always continued to show respect and admiration for Madhuri:

*In 2007 while Madhuri in koffee with Karan Sanjay Dutt appeared as a guest talked warmly about Madhuri. He even compared her to his mother Nargis as an actress. He also mentioned how he met her and her family in Chicago while his visit in the US.



In Koffee with Karan 2010 Sanjay Dutt and Anil Kapoor episode, Sanjay preferred Madhuri over his other female co-stars of that time. The video can be seen below. In the other video it can be seen how candidly Karan Anil and Sanjay talk about the rumour. Karan and Anil even poked Sanjay. They are industry people and they feel comfortable talking about it this way as they know it was only a rumour, especially since all of them have admiration for Madhuri.  In the other video Sanjay once again chose Madhuri as his favourite co-star.


These only show that Sanjay always had respect for Madhuri and  continues to have.

I the above video  in 2017 Sanjay says in a TV program that among all the actresses he would like to Marry Madhuri Dixit. He says it to display his fondness for Madhuri  and also to taunt the gossip media about false rumor. If there was any such truth he would not tae Madhuri’s name. Like Amitab will never say Rekha’s name or Mithun Sridevi’s name.

So even in logical framework the gossip does not hold.

After Sanjay’s arrest in 1993 media wrote that his younger sisters commented against Madhuri,  in the following interview in Filmfare Sep 1994 she replied to it in a very dignified manner (marked by redline), it is a fact that the sister/s did not express any grievances to her afterwards.

img_0019 img_020

Madhuri Dixit’s interview Filmfare Set 1994

The above interview also shows that they completely ignore Sanjay’s already published interview after his bail (and the old ones) only with a view to attack her. It also shows how desperately they tried to link her with someone (in the later part of the interview they bring up Jai Mehta) .

In later years till her marriage in 1999 media wrote many stories about her so called link up with her secretary.

A journalist, named Bharti Pradhan, wrote an article titled “love in the times of terror” in The Telegraph, May 2011. In that, she tried to imply that Madhuri never explicitly denied it before the TADA arrest, this is untrue as can be seen by following four interviews of Madhuri from 1991 and 1992.

img_0009 img_0010 img_0014 img_00042


Madhuri interviews from Movie Oct, 1991, Stardust Jan 1991,Filmfare Oct 1992, Showtime March 1992

The journalist also wrote, “that Sanju was smitten was written all over his face (and he didn’t deny it to his buddies)” But she hides that Sanjay Dutt too denied it before (the already posted interview scans of Sanjay’s in this article from 1991 and 1992). She also does not mention who were these so called “buddies” of his. The journalist also ignores the fact that after getting bail Sanjay once again denies his linkup with Madhuri (Movie Oct 1993, scan is posted above in the first section of this article). Bharti Pradhan also completely ignored that both of them came together in 1996 for finishing the shoot of Mahaanta, not to mention Sanjay publicly talking about Madhuri with fondness. Based on their friendship,  the journalist forms her theory from “reading” Madhuri’s mind, and seeing what was “written” on Sanjay’s face.

To Summarize,

  • The gossip stories were based on their mutual admiration and friendship as seen on the sets.
  • The rumors could never claim that they meeting outside film work, in fact the stories used this fact to portray that “they were very cautious”.
  • Some of the stories involved Sanjay saying things to his “buddies”, which are always unnamed and unverified.
  • The stories never mentioned about Madhuri saying anything to anyone, which was interpreted as her being too shrewd.
  • The current versions of stories never report Sanjay’s denial of the rumor before and after his TADA arrest, neither do they mention anything about Madhuri denial about it before his TADA arrest. They only mention her denial after his arrest to support their narrative of how it ended.
  •  The current versions of the stories conveniently omit the fact that they worked together in film Mahanta 1997 after the so called “breakup”.
  • The current versions also omit the fact that they kept meeting each other and Sanjay Dutt continued to express his praise and admiration for Madhuri on record.

This analysis conclusively shows the rumors were only rumors. It is not know that whether the media of current time that carry such a story suffer from collective psychosis, are disastrously incompetence or are just diabolically dishonest.


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Madhuri Dixit in HAHK

Hum Apke Hain Koun (HAHK) is one of the biggest blockbuster bollywood film ever. In this article an attempt is made to look into Madhuri Dixit’s  contribution to the success of the film.

In order to gauge the contribution, three things will be studied: Madhuri’s star status before and during the film, a genuine poll reporting the audience feedback on her performance and finally critical feedback.

For the purpose,

i) To measure the star status,  The “top actor” and “top actress” of boxofficeindia.com will be analysed for the year 1994 and previous years (to get the industry, trade and media opinion).

ii) To get genuine audience feedback, Annual Viewers’ opinion poll 1995 from Movie magazine will be analysed (to get the audience opinion). This was the only major and reliable poll during those years.

iii) To get critical feedback, awards for best actor and actress earned in the film will be reported.

i) Boxofficeindia.com

The site lists three “Top actor” and “Top Actress” every year. Though they do not have any fixed criteria, supposedly it is based on an actor’s popularity, box office impact and goodwill in the industry. The list is not full proof but it gives some idea about the status of any star in the industry/trade/media as a whole in a given year.



actress                                      Top Actress(Boxofficeindia.com)

actor           Top Actor (Boxofficeindia.com) [1991-1994]

1994: It is seen that Madhuri Dixit is at No 1 position in the list in 1994 and in the description it is written that “she hits her peak with HAHK……”.

Previous years: It can be seen that Madhuri Dixit is at NO 1 position in the top actress list for previous 3 years and in top 3 for the previous 6 years.

It means that Madhuri acted in the film as a huge star and thus was the major attraction. Also the post HAHK status shows that she was the star and driving force of the film and made the major contribution in its success.

ii) Movie Magazine Poll (1995)

Now in order to look into the audience feedback we will investigate the Movie Magazine annual poll of 1995 (that is based on films released in 1994).


Movie Magazine (Viewer’s Opinion Poll 1995) 

As can be seen Madhuri is the most admired actress of the year and HAHK is the best female performance of the year.


Movie Magazine (Viewers’ opinion poll 1995, Favourite actor).

The song Didi tera devar deewana:


The song Didi tera devar deewana (which had Madhuri Dixit dancing to it) became the biggest hit song of the year.

iii)Award: It should be mentioned that Madhuri Dixit won filmfare as well as Screen award for the film. These awards are popular as well as Jury award. It should be mentioned that no other actor including the male lead won any award for the film.

Magazine, Book etc. about Madhuri Magic in HAHK:



Stardust, Dec 1994

BuR8asfCYAIF13f       Magazine cover (Madhuri tera darshak deewana)


  Filmfare, June 1995


Poster of HAHK during screeing, Madhuri Dixit dominates the poster


A critical article in 2014 about Madhuri Dixit in HAHK

Reference of HAHK in books hahk2 hahk3 hahk6

Reference of Madhuri Dixit in HAHK in several books


Madhuri Dixit was the life of the film


Not only in the opening title of Hum Apke Hain Koun but also in the “appeal to the cine goers” of HAHK making video, Madhuri Dixit’s name appears first.


The Muhurat shot of Hum Apke Hain Koun had only Madhuri Dixit in it. It was also the first scene of “making of HAHK” video. Usually the Muhurat shot is always taken with the protagonist

N.B: It should be mentioned that this article does not intend to undermine any actor or the director of the film. It only aims to look at the contribution of Madhuri Dixit towards the success of the film.

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Various Remarks on Madhuri Dixit

This article reports the remarks on Madhuri Dixit by various personalities from the industry, critic and media houses, magazines over time.



Mahesh Bhatt

An Indian Beauty, an Indian mystique with an extraordinary depth. She had the depth that the filmmakers could not explore, they were limited she was not, she was inexhaustible

Total recall, “beauty through the decades” by times now, June 2010.


Ajay Jadeja

She is a huge star, man. I mean she is an icon of the industry. Yet she is simple and unaffected, she has no airs at all. I think she has gone way beyond hits and flops. On the other hand, I have met many actresses who try to live up to their images, pretending to be something they are not.

Filmfare, January 1999


Anushka Sharma

I adore Madhuri. For me, she’s a goddess.”

Mid Day, 21 Jan, 2011


Vidhu Vinod Chopra

“She is a damn good actress”

Cineblitz Feb 1990


Madhur Bhandarkar

The beauty about her is that she just slips into her character so well that you forget that she is Madhuri Dixit. I hope to work with her someday

Jan  25, 2011, Times of India


Kalki Koechlin

“I am a huge Madhuri fan. I am glad I didn’t have to compete with her in DEV D”

Bollywood hungama, Sep 2, 2011.


Preity Zinta

“She (Madhuri Dixit) is everyone’s.. everyone’s favourite”

NDTV Greenathon 2009


Katrina Kaif

‎”Madhuri Dixit inspires me. She is overwhelming on screen”

Live My Life Show – UTV Stars, Sep 10, 2011


Terence Lewis

My all time favourite has been Madhuri Dixit

Bollyspice.com 25 Sep 2009.


Madhur Bhandarkar

“The beauty about her is that she just slips into her character so well that you forget that she is  Madhuri Dixit. I hope to work with her someday,”

Time of India, Jan 24, 2011


Yana Gupta

“One word for Madhuri-ji would be Goddess.”
Jhalak Dikhlaja 4


Pandit Birju Maharaj

Madhuri Dixit is the best Bollywood dancer due to her versatility.

Times Of India, Feb 13, 2011.


Chinni and Rekha Prakash

“There are so many technically-perfect actors and actresses,
but few like him or a Madhuri Dixit who enjoy the song and what they are doing
– both these artistes seem to literally forget themselves and just melt into the song –
and that makes the difference! Performing from the soul shows clearly in the results!”

Screen Feb 19, 2010


Lawrence D’Souza

I enjoyed working with Madhuri Dixit a lot, I have never seen a heroine like her.

Superstar Zoom 2009


Terence Lewis

My all time favourite has been Madhuri Dixit

Bollyspice.com 25 Sep 2009.


Mayur Puri (in reply to “which actor or actress do you think has the best dialogue delivery?”)

In Saajan there’s a scene where Akash (Sanjay Dutt) calls up Pooja (Madhuri Dixit) and asks her why she didn’t speak to Aman (Salman). She says ‘…zaroorat hi nahin rahi…’ Best line ever delivered by a bollywood actress.

Bollyspice.com Dec 8, 2008


Anushka Sharma

Everyone wants to have the stardom Madhuri Dixit has had but I doubt it’s ever going to happen

Filmicafe’s IIFA interview 2011


Akshay Khanna

She is wonderful. She is a treat. Just like you give chocolate to a child, for us actors it’s Madhuri Dixit. She is a delight to work with. It’s a pleasure to watch her onscreen. She is an actress, dancer and a performer. She is a very lovely person. She looks the same like what she looked in Mohabbat. I cannot make out the difference between her age in Hum Aapke Hai Kaun and Aaja Nachley. I think she is the same. She has maintained herself so well that she is looking just as young. I think she is just the same and a very simple person. She is very down to earth and lovely to work with.

ExpressIndia, Jun 6, 2007


Chitrangada Singh

The problem is that Bollywood is a man’s world to quite an extent. You either have to be a Madhuri Dixit, to films get made for or about you, else it is about the male star.
Times Of India, Oct 01, 2010.


Kim Sharma

“If versatility had a human form it has to be this woman. She is a true inspiration for most of us portraying so much charisma, energy and vibrancy on and off screen,” says Kim.

DNA, Aug 13, 2010.


Salman Khan

Q:  tell us about actresses who you are fond of�

Oh, I am very fond of Madhuri, both as an actor as well as a person.

Indianfm, Oct 14, 2005


Sanjay Dutt

She is a nice person and that is what nice about Madhuri. She does not have any airs. She is in a position where she can afford to throw tantrums but she doesn’t. The manner she maintained herself in is unbelievable. She is a very simple person and that is what wonderful about her.”

Cineblitz, February 1992.


Sanjay Dutt

My favourite co-star is Madhuri Dixit. She is one amazing actress, a great dancer, complete actress.

Koffee With Karan , Dec 2010.


Jackie Shroff

Madhuri is a celestial beauty. And it has always been a divine experience working with her. In fact, I haven’t liked any other heroine after that. Hers is a void that can not be filled. As a person she’s extremely grounded. In fact, she’s almost a reflection of me as she treated everybody – be it a spotboy or producer – with respect. You know what I really loved about her was that she always had a very bashful look! She’d never look fully into my eyes and I loved that! It made her seem so feminine and honestly, that trait in a woman makes any man feel great.

Savvy Magazine, Oct 2010.


Madhu Sapre.

“Besides being well educated and a graceful dancer she is the only actress who is not hungry for publicity. Till now, in her interviews she never made a single stupid statement. She’s very self-controlled.”

G Dec 1994


Rakesh Roshan

“Madhuri is the most beautiful girl I’ve worked with. Not only in terms of beauty, but also in behavior n goodness, which is transparent on her face. A very fine actress, she comes from a very respectable family. And now that she is settled, i am very happy for her. I meet her whenever she comes down to India and it always feels very good. I wish her and her family all the best. ”

Savvy Magazine, Oct 2010.


Karisma Kapoor

“It was a great pleasure to work with Madhuriji. I have been a big fan of hers. She was so down to earth and hassle-free in the film we did together. Our work ethic is the same – dedicated n focused, so it was very easy to get along with her. Even my Dad is extremely fond of her. ”

Savvy Magazine, Oct 2010


Shilpa Shrirodhkar

“What would I do in a film where Madhuri takes the cake? In fact she even beat Salman hollow in Dil Tera Ashiq.”

Stardust Feb 1994


Saira Banu

“Dilip sahab loves Audrey Hepburn and Madhuri Dixit. These two have been his favourites.”

Times Of India, Dec 13, 2010.


Sania Mirza

My Favourite actress is Madhuri Dixit

The Telegraph, Nov 20, 2005.


Katrina Kaif

“I am a fan of Madhuri Dixit. Her every dance, every expression, every movement, to me, is very aspirational ; especially expressions, which is very essential for an actor, where one can only try, try and try to get the perfect take. I don’t think there’s anybody like her. She is the most beautiful actress ever to come on screen.”

Aaj News Dec 12, 2010.


Ramesh Sippy (on Madhuri Magic)

The first reason is there is no one who has come close to her. And more important is that she improves her performance with every film instead of taking a complacent attitude. Not being a stars son or daughter takes a toll on people. You don’t have the right launch or contacts. Rishi Kapoor had a row of flops after Bobby so did Sanjay Dutt after Rocky. Her flops must have been insignificant films and the number of hit she has just overshadows.
Madhuri definitely has some magic. Even as early as the making of Tezaab I found her to be a peculiar combination of Madhubala and Suchitra Sen with dancing ability which neither of them had.
She can carry off a song like ASkhiyan Milau… from Raja, which is a song without situation. So carrying that song with just her dancing ability and looks made it such a craze that people would go to the theatre just to see the song. I have seen people glued to the television just to watch the song. The expression she has, when she comes down from the car, are rarely seen. Only once in a decade you come across such a star who has all the abilities- histrionics, looks and rhythm. There was atime when Amitabh Bachchan was related to 1 to 10 and everyone else followed. I think Madhuri is in a similar position.
Madhuri is paid one crore today and I think she deserves every penny she gets. Take the movie mohabbat with the same hero but just take Madhuri out and try out half-a-dozen other heroines in her place. Take the movie to any distributor and see if there are ready to pay the same price. You will get the answer.

Cineblitz Dec 1995.


ShahRukh Khan

When I first worked with Madhuri,  I  learnt that there is greatness in giving.

Koffe with Karan, 2007


Shahrukh Khan

Madhuri Dixit is one of the most complete actors Indian cinema has ever seen

cnn-ibn, 2007


Anurag Kashyap

I have always wanted to work with Madhuri Dixit but she quit

Rediff, April 05, 2005


Feroz Khan

I had predicted back at the time of Dayavan making that one day this girl will be as good as may be even better than Sridevi. And it’s a prediction that has come true.

Screen May 29, 1998.


Malaika Arora Khan

I idolised Madhuri. I’ve loved all her dances, from Dhak dhak (Beta) to Choli ke peechey kya hai (Khalnayak) but the Tezaab chartbuster, Ek do teen and Hum ko aaj kal hai intezaar from Sailaab are my all time favourites,” she says. “I’ve grown up trying to dance like Madhuri, talk like her and flash a smile that was as beautiful and warm.”

Hindustan Times Jan 09, 2011


Sonu Nigam

As a teenager my room was full with mostly Madhuri Dixit’s poster.

Sify Movies, May 06, 2004


Bipasha Basu

I think Madhuri Dixit is the ultimate symbol of sensuality.

Sify Movies, Aug 24, 2004


Virendra Shehwag

I am a big fan of Amitabh Bachchan and Madhuri Dixit.

Times Of India, Feb 07, 2005


Shilpa Shetty

I got hooked on to dancing after watching her do ek do teen, we, me and shamita watched that song so much that cassette ghas gaya tha. I have seen her so much, I admire her so much that actually to be on stage with her will be such high for me

Unforgettable tour 2008.


Indra Kumar

She got 100 percent everywhere in emotion, in anger, in comic in dance whatever emotion you tell her that’s the reason she became such a big star.

Zoom Biography, 2008



Indra Kumar

Among the girls Madhuri Dixit is the only superstar.

zoom biography, 2008.


Indra Kumar

Madhuri Dixit is the Goddess of Acting

Interview with Taran Adarsh, Sep 2011.


Indra Kumar

She (Madhuri) was very friendly and soft, but she always maintained a distance, she used to keep a dignity.

Zee Cinema 2004


For a whole decade and a bit –  from 1988, the year tezaab triggered the Madhuri countdown, to 1998, the year of pukar – she ruled the roost sans a wobble, often putting a male c0-star in the shade (Dil, Khalnayak, Raja et al) and single-handedly driving a less-than-average film to unqualified box-office success

The Tribune, Nov 27, 2004



When asked about her favorite actor from her juniors:

Madhuri Dixit, I believe that Madhuri is not only an outstanding actor but also an excellent dancer. I like Hema Malini and Sridevi as well.

Loksatta, Sep 19, 2011


Rajshree Ojha 

“If I have a script ready today, I would love to approach Madhuri. Actresses like her are the goddesses of the silver screen and are still fresh in our memories. They certainly deserve a grand comeback and longer innings

Asian Age, Sep 28, 2011


Gautam Rajdhakshya

“Kajol saw Madhuri Dixit shooting for long hours and told me, she is like “a perfect Hollywood Actress, A director’s actress. She gives the director the shot he wants.”


Indra Kumar

When Beta released people called it Beti when Raja released people called it Rani, that’s the kind of power she had.



Madhuri Dixit rose and rose to become the queen bee of the marquee. Prem Pratigya,  Tezaab, Beta skimmed the surface. One of the films she barely was interested in,  Mrityudand was the one where she shown like  a candle in the darkness. Hum Apke Hain Koun !, Dil to Pagal Hai, Raja, Devdas ensured her longevity in the popularity charts. Sridevi got cold feet when Madhuri closed in, in late 80s and that’s that. No one in the last decade has come anywhere even close to the MD magic. Watch her two bit tole in Lajja and gasp when she chews up the scenery. You go girl, Madhuri Dixit and her smile will always be Hindi cinema’s best Kodak moment.

Filmfare May 2007.


The face , the smile, the talent, the determination to overcome odds, the will to win and keep winning has seen Madhuri Dixit rise, reach the pinnacle of success and reign as the undisputed Diva of Hindi cinema. Ten long years and a string of challenges have still to make any difference to her.

Screen Weekly, July 17 1998.


Amisha Patel

Q: One contemporary role of an actress which you wish you had done.

Ans: Madhuri’s zillions of role, I think she was phenomenal.

Q: One  actress you envy.

Madhuri, I envy her talent and her grace. The way her feet just move.

Zoom Interview with Omar Quereshi Sep 2011.


Amrita Rao

Madhuri Dixit is a legend; don’t compare me with a legend. I am just a beginner; don’t do that kind of injustice to Madhuri.

Times Of India, 14th Nov, 2006

Amrita Rao

Madhuri Dixit is the most perfect face for screen.

Special Program, Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon on ZEE TV


Aarti Chabria

Madhuri is my favourite, I love her.

Special Program, Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon on ZEE TV


Her luminous Mystique has been compared to that of screen-goddess Madhubala of the golden era. But Madhuri formed her own era. Smart, seductive, charismatic, reticent, alluring and mesmerizing. She’s the stuff icons are made of. Yet she remains intensively private and tight lipped about her personal life – or the lack of it. Queen Bee for almost a decade now, she’s captivated a generation of movie goers. Her strength being her dance numbers, her smile and her talent.

Stardust May 1997.

She is an entertainer of the first order. Madhuri floods each scene with electricity often drowning her co stars in the deluge. The humiliation in Ram Lakhan, the comic timing in Dil, the resignation in Saajan – she delivers the goods each time.

Movie June 1992


Indian hearts still treasure her grace and her 1000 watt smile. Madhuri Dixit rules the film industry for a decade with her acting prowess and flawless dancing skill. She is now in US happily married and enjoying motherhood. Till now Bollywood has not been able to find a talent comparable to Madhuri. The industry awaits her return to the silver screen. Hi meets the actress to rediscover the Madhuri Magic.

Hi Blitz April 2006


Simi Garewell

“I think, somehow, Madhuri Dixit became a part of our Indian culture.”

Simi Garewell Rendezvous, 2004


Trade Guru Amod Mehra

“Madhuri Dixit was easily the last female superstar we had”

Times of India , Oct 14, 2008

No wonder in a poll recently conducted by Movie magazine Madhuri won the title of most beautiful woman in showbiz, hands down.

Movie June 1992


Madhuri Dixit is India’s reigning heartthrob, a position once held by Amitabh Bachchan. Strange, that the brainy and brawny lads that flocked to the screen could not steal even a ray of the long one’s. While the slip of a girl, with a bad start rose, from the ashes of failure and rejection, to a position of such immense power that today the entire industry and the nation are reeling from the impact of the new goddess- Ma Madhuri.

Cineblitz, Dec 1995


Men are from Mars women are from Venus. That’s the way it was meant to be. The warrior-god of the masculine and the love-goddess for the female of the species. Opposite in polarity, temperaments, disciplines- opposites who but naturally attract.
But Madhuri Dixit seems to be made of a different mettle. The face (and what a face!) and fortune of Venus- The tough temperament of Mars. It was a lethal combination indeed. Fusing a tough-as-nails with soft as petal persona.

The beauty of being Madhuri and the strength of being strong – it gave her an awesome power. A power of tremendous proportion. A power that comes from the fusion of Mars and Venus. The power of being Madhuri Dixit.

Stardust Nov 1996

Superstar Forever

She was the superstar, the ‘female Amitabh Bachchan’, who quit when she felt it was the right time, and settled into family life in America. Far away from the spotlight, not showing any regrets for the glory left behind, she proved that contentment is one’s own calling and cannot be dictated by any success parameter. And just when the media wrote her off as the regular housewife, shopping at hypermarkets with her children, she made a smashing comeback in a well-scripted move. Sartorial style, charisma and grace… Madhuri Dixit has proved that there’s nothing wrong in wanting marriage and kids, and it’s always good to have Plan B!

Times Of India, Daring Divas,  Feb 20, 2011.


Ramesh Sippy (in reply to the question , “among guys who is the hottest in terms of box office?” )

They are all in the race and they are very much there, but you cannot compare anyone to Madhuri’s position.

Cineblitz Dec 1995


Mars and Venus had jointly blessed her. Given her her magic, it was a lethal combination.

Stardust Nov 1996

Good is an understatement. It couldn’t have been better. For one who had started out tentatively in forgettable non-starters like Swati and Awara Baap, she has had a dream run, leaving her contemporaries miles behind to be called the Star of the Millennium, ahead of unforgettables like Madhubala, Nargis and Sridevi.

Zee Premiere March 2000


Ram Gopal Verma

I had travelled from Hyderabad to Mumbai to sign Madhuri Dixit for Drohi. Her secretary told me her dates were not available for six months.

The Asian Age,  Se 18, 2011


Nandana Sen

My all time favourite is madhuri dixit, cos she's
beautiful and a fantastic actor.

Rediff, August 19, 2005


Nana Patekar

You don’t make anyone like Madhuri anymore. She is beautiful, superbly talented, and the most stunning dancer we have seen.”

Times of India, March 26, 2010.


“Every once in a while an actress appears who combines grace and charisma, mystery and allure all translating into an unforgettable screen presence. Madhuri is one of those. She had the demure restraint of the actresses of yesterday and yet, all the oomph required to set the screen on fire.”

Editor Verve, Dec 2007.

But MD is still Queen. Her economy of expression and her ability to allow you to sense the eddies and current churning behind that beautiful face are the calling card of this great actor. Her director Anil Mehta let her down, but she was like lightening, like there was wind beneath her ghunghroos. The music never stopped.

Editor Filmfare Jan 2008

Madhuri Dixit still Reigns
“Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus has proved, if proof were really needed, that there is nobody quite like Madhuri Dixit. Though Aishwarya Rai interpretation of Paro has justifiably garnered rave reviews, it is the still stunning Madhuri who brings the film alive with her emotive and dancing skills.
Even in a state of semi-retirement, Madhuri retains the power to walk away with all the accolades even when the odds are loaded against her. The character she plays in Devdas, Chandramukhi, gets the least footage. But the impression she leaves far outstrips the length of the role. She had done much the same last year in Rajkumar Santoshi’s multi-starrer, Lajja.
Directors in Mumbai still make a beeline for her and she, Lata Mangeshkar-like, can pick and choose the roles she wants. No female actor in the history of Indian cinema has ever attained the heights of popularity that Madhuri has.”
Hindustan Times, July 25, 2002.
Ash Fridays: Expect No Miracles.
“Yes, superstar Shahrukh Khan did stamp his authority on Bhansali’s Devdas, but the far more talented Madhuri Dixit (playing the less hyped Chandramukhi) overshadowed Aishwarya (forget the popular awards she scooped up for the film in 2003) in more ways than one. It did not take the former reigning Bollywood diva much effort.
Madhuri was a complete natural. Stealing scenes – even entire films – from under the noses of her co-stars came rather easy to her. She had her reverses all right during a longish and always exciting career but her position as the numero uno among Bollywood actresses was never ever in doubt while her reign lasted.”
Hindustan Times, August 25, 2004

The Lady has style
“The admiration for the spell the charmer-performer
Madhuri Dixit cast on the audience has not abated. The ultimate
accolade came this superstar’s way as the Bombay film trade
acknowledged her as another Amitabh Bachchan. Every best actress
award going was Madhuri’s.
No heroine, in recent times, has got her act together on
the silver screen the way Madhuri Dixit has done. So much so that
Madhuri today is looked upon as a seven-letter synonym for
success. Not without reason is M. F. Husain still obsessed with
this artiste whom he, not too long ago, literally sketched as
“The Dhak-Dhak Girl.”
Girija Rajendran, The Hindu, 1995



I really like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Madhuri Dixit

Times Of India,  Aug 1, 2010.


Marwaha (Miss India worldwide)

“Madhuri is the epitome of what dancing should be, and she had definitely inspired my dancing.

Economic Times, 15 Feb 2009.


Minishsha Lamba

“Indian women look best in sarees. The style icons, as per me, presently are Sushmita Sen and Madhuri Dixit. Both these ladies look classic in sarees.”

ExpressIndia, Aug 22, 2009.


Kangana Ranaut

The reason I like Madhuri and Aishwarya is because they are female superstars. Not only do they hold their own on screen even if the biggest hero is around, in many cases their star-power dwarfs many heroes.

Times of India, May 29, 2010.


Kangana Ranaut

I like Madhubala, Nargis, Parveen Babi, Saira Banu, Zeenat Aman, Hema Malini and Madhuri Dixit. Each one is so beautiful that they all changed the definition of romance.

Fullham chronicle, July 21, 2010.


Saroj Khan

Madhuri Dixit is the one and only actress who was able to capture the true essence of dance.  No one will ever be able to replace the magic, the beauty, the grace and the facial expressions of Madhuri Dixit.

Bollyspice, Sep 3, 2010.



“It was quite some time back. I met Sonu (Nigam) the first time at Holiday Inn in Mumbai. We were sitting at the restaurant and I saw an attractive girl wearing jeans and tattered T-shirt walk past. She was with an older man who could have been her dad. Just when she was leaving, Sonu told her ‘I love your films’. She smiled and turned towards me and said, ‘I love your music. I am a big fan.’ I asked her, ‘What’s your name?’ She replied, ‘Madhuri.’ ‘What do you do?’ I asked her. ‘I act,’ she said, ‘…in films.’ After she left Sonu told me she was Madhuri Dixit. Madhuri Dixit! I felt like such an idiot!”

The Hindu, March 3, 2010 



Namrata Shrirodhkar

“There were a hundred kids who just gate-crashed into the MIG club in Bandra, pestering Madhuri for autographs. I told Madhuri that it was okay for her to leave. She just refused. She said she wasnt in the least bit harrassed. Marriage has worked wonders for Madhuri. We worked together in Pukar and I noticed a sea-change in her before and after her wedding. Shes completely blissed out now.”


Vaibhabi Merchant

Choreographing for Madhuri was like showing  light to the sun.

Star News Nov, 2007


Anil Kapoor

““As a host, I’ve gone all over the world in 70 mm. But for Madhuri (Dixit), I’ll even go to Denver for a reality show. I wish some director would come up with a great script and cast us together.”

Hindustan Times, Dec 3, 2010.


French Film maker Christian Lara

“I admire Madhuri Dixit. I really want to cast her in my upcoming movie. She has a huge fan following across the globe including Guadeloupe. But I don’t know how to get in touch with her.”

Yahoo news, Dec 3 , 2010


Vaibhabi Merchant

I could not give any expression I was still, I just said to her, “ I love you”. In return she gave me the smile that of course I cannot replicate, and said, I love you too Vaibhabi. I was floored, then I thought when women have such feeling men must be….. that is the reason she is called the dhak dhak girl, everyone’s heart goes dhak dhak after seeing her.

NDTV, Nov 2007.


The Sweet Hereafter
“”She’s been there, done it all. But watch her at a photo-shoot and her dedication could put a newcomer to shame. Really, some people are born more perfect than others.
At Mehboob studio, Madhuri Dixit is turning it on for the publicity shoot of K.C. Bokadia’s Hum Aapke Hain Sanam. And the onlookers feel the heat.
Photographer Atul Kasbekar thinks she’s absolutely gorgeous, the take-home-to-mom variety. According to publicist Rahul Nanda, she’s an “untouchable”. Her dress designer Reza feels she’s the only true star, the last empress.
The verdict is unanimous: She’s a class apart.
Watch her in front of the camera and you know Madhuri Dixit is not just a star. She’s an entire constellation. “
Filmfare July 2001.
Shekhar Kapur
She has the expression of classic tragic passion. She has the ability to portray a woman completely and entirely in love.


Ranbir Kapoor
“Madhuri! Madhuri Dixit was my first crush,”

Times of India Jan 31, 2009
Her dancing sets the nation’s adrenaline jumping. Her sex appeal leaves them begging for more. All previous No 1s have been great dancers but Madhuri moves better than the best of them.

Movie June 1992


That defines the lady. Her timeless appeal spans generations, genders, countries, colleagues, and competitors. She remains as large a figure in tinsel town as she was all those years ago. Only the films have diminished in stature. She is still big, it’s the movies and Aja Nachle that got smaller.

Filmfare Jan 2008

Sandip Mahavir

Many were dismayed when the ‘dhak-dhak’ girl of Bollywood bade au revoir to the silver screen but for renowned Kathak exponent Sandeep Mahavir Madhuri Dixit’s departure was the end of an era.

Madhuri Dixit’s exit also marked the departure of classical dances from the repertoire of styles used in Bollywood, which now favours Bachata over Bharatnatyam.

I can say for a fact that after Madhuri Dixit there have been very few actresses in tinsel town who can carry off classical styles.

PTI, April 25, 2010


“After watching her in Gaja Gamini, I´m completely shocked that an actress as graceful and talented as Madhuri Dixit could be mentioned in the same sentence as newer girls like Aishwarya Rai — girls who are beautiful, no doubt, but have not one iota of the talent or charm of Madhuri. To say that Aishwarya has dethroned Madhuri is a joke in itself.”

2001, The Hindu

Vyjantimala  in mid 2008:
“Madhuri is a perfect combination of acting, dance, expression and talent among all others.”

In reply to a reporter in TV channel E.24 in 2008.


The original queen of hearts waltzed into our hearts and lives again with Aja Nachle. She thundered through the tepid film with her redoubtable screen presence. Chances are lifes at the movies will never be the same again. And we don’t want it to be….. see you at the movies again and again.
Filmfare Jan 2008
Ashok Kumar:

“ Madhuri is the only complete actress that Indian cinema has produced in 100 years.”


“India’s  sweetheart.

Madhuri Dixit is the actress, an all-time chimera of the quintessential Bollywood heroine. From danseuse to dunce, from dreamy to droll, from Dayavan to dhak-dhak — not just did she excel, but armed with that mega smile, she ruled over the nation with absolute power.

Madhuri braved possibly the worst fashion fiascos through her career and yet emerged on top — a staggering achievement considering those 80s polka-dotted frocks. She’s turned barefoot artists into filmmakers, young Khans into romantic heroes, wasted scripts into eminently watchable films, cornball farce into classic comedy, melodrama into mellow.

Heck, she even made marriage seem fun.

Rediff Bollywood Best actress ever


“Often described as the epitome of grace, Madhuri Dixit is arguably the greatest actress ever to grace the silver screen in India.

In the late 80s to the mid 90s, Madhuri connected with audiences in a way most stars can only dream of. A household name, men, women, and children alike thronged to watch her films. Immensely adored and acclaimed for her dances in films such as TEZAAB, SAILAAB, KHALNAYAK, BETA, ANJAAM, and RAJA, Madhuri also reinforced her talent as a diverse actor in a variety of roles in memorable films such as PARINDA, SAAJAN, PRAHAAR, WAJOOD, PUKAR, and the blockbuster HUM AAPKE HAI KOUN.”

LA Indian film festival 2008


Padmashri, is an award of excellence conferred for excellence in a particular field. Though Madhuri’s comeback vehicle ‘Aaja Nachle’ sank without a trace last November yet her popularity fails to fade. She has been the evergreen leading lady of the Indian cinema and shall remain at the epitome of excellence, a place made by her. A truly unparalleled actress.

Zeenews May 2008


“Unforgettable: that’s what Madhuri Dixit has come to stand for in the minds of anyone who loves the movies. And why not? After all, she was, for more than a decade, the closest thing Bollywood had to a female superstar, her popularity transcending class barriers and leaping over art and mainstream fences. Small beauty salons that dot the city where Madhuri became famous still have her posters in their windows. They have even made a movie about someone who wanted to be like her (Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon).”

Harneet Singh, Indian Express Nov 25, 2007


Harman Baweja

In reply to the question what made him want to act he said,

“Madhuri Dixit. I used to practice Madhuri’s dance moves, especially that hand movement in the song, Tu shayar hai from Saajan. I knew I had to be in the movies”

Indian Express May 25, 2008


Micky Contractor

If there are two faces, I would say, can be called as real Indian beauties then I would choose Aishwarya and Madhuri from this generation.

With Aishwarya one sees immense natural beauty but Madhuri is something different. Madhuri’s face is the same in real life and reel life and the reason she is “naturally” beautiful is because she is a very beautiful person as well.

When she called me her mirror during the shooting of DTPH, I got the highest compliment of my life. I would never even dream of such HUGE star praising me. And only madhuri does it because she is “beautiful”… and not only in her face… but in her heart as well.

Zee Marathi in “Vastraharan”


Micky Contractor

“The only word I can use for her is perfect. There is absolutely nothing wrong in her face. Madhuri’s sheer beauty gives you a head start. I also find  her face extremely versatile. I can try the most exotic look with her because I know she can carry it off with confidence as if she were born with it.

Shamma 2005


Sameera Reddy

“Anil is a wonderful actor to work with but Madhuri Dixit is the
epitome of acting and performance. I’m frightened that I’m being compared with her. But on the other hand, I’m happy that I’m this close to her.”

Pyara.com Nov, 2004.


Kunal Kapoor

“I’ve grown up with him(Hrithik), though I was never part of the industry.  I’ve friends like Amrit Sagar, Goldie Behl and Abhay Deol. The building I stayed in had a lot of film folks. So I was never star-struck unless it’s Madhuri Dixit.”

Indiafm Dec 2007


Antara Mali

“I have been this huge Madhuri fan for as long as I can remember. Honestly, name me one girl who doesn’t want to be like Madhuri Dixit.  She’s pure magic on screen.  She’s the most perfect star.  She ruled the industry for over a decade while many other actresses came and went.  Her success story is remarkable.”

Filmfare 2003


Rajeev Kapoor

(what about the rumours of yours link up with Madhuri?)

Look Madhuri is a wonderful person, very warmly and friendly. I am friendly with her as a director and as a person. We vibe very well as a director and as an actress. She understands me. But the only time I meet her is at the sets. Now, both of us are young and she gets along well with the entire RK unit, she likes my family, she likes me, obviously we have been linked up. The whole thing has unnecessarily been blown out of proportion. Believe me, there is nothing on. These kind of talk can disturb relationship, people do not realize it. But I give credit to Madhuri for not getting bogged down by these stories. It’s amazing. Madhuri is the nicest person I have worked with. Even though she is a major star she will never make you feel she is Madhuri Dixit. If she is where she is today is because of her performances, her professionalism and her nature. She mingles around with one and all. She doesn’t see who is big and who is small. There are people who are not even half as big as she is, actresses who are not Madhuri Dixits, even character artistes throw tantrum, but never Madhuri.

Showtime, June 1995


Udai Kaushik (Delhi based distributor):

“A special chemistry that Madhubala and Madhuri possessed that transcends talent. It was as though there was no camera and they communicated directly with the audience.”

Indian Express, Sep 13, 2003


Emran Hashmi:

“The most beautiful actress has always been Madhuri.”

Indiafm  Jan 22, 2009


Mithun Chakrabarty

Madhuri Dixit is a very talented actress. After years we have an actress with both beauty and talent.

Star and Style, July 1989.


Amisha Patel:

“The hero’s name sells a film. Heroines like Nargis and Madhuri are rare. So are films like Mother India and Hum Aapke Hain Koun! (HAHK) which rode on their shoulders. Madhuri is perhaps the last real female superstar whose presence made a difference to a
film’s sale price.”

Indian Express, Sep 13, 2003


Imran Khan:

“I think Madhuri Dixit is the best. I respect and like her a lot.”

Zeenews Sep 17, 2008.


Bharat Shah:

“Today Aishwarya is No. 1 because Madhuri is not doing films. Madhuri is by far the better actor,”

Indian Express, Sep 13, 2003


Freida Pinto:

“Madhuri Dixit is the true symbol of versatility.”

Screen, Oct 03, 2008


Katrina Kaif:

“I also find Madhuri Dixit a complete package. She is talented and very good looking. She is blessed with everything.”

Beta Masala Feb 12, 2009


Kajol :

“Madhuri is a flawless actress. She is a director’s actress. She can become exactly what the director wants. Take two films of her, Nana Patekar’s Prahaar and Subhash Ghai’s khalnayak. Can you see any similarity between the simple Madhuri of prahaar with the Madhuri of Khalnayak? No you can’t? Because the two directors had different demands. So Madhuri had become two completely different Madhuri. But again she has so much power that the directors are compelled to think about her. I am saying this from my own feeling. The first thing that amazes me is her beauty. Her body and her look is like a Greek goddess. I have rarely seen such expressions of eye. She can portray so many things by only her expressions! So many colours, sadness, so many questions, love play in those expressions. I will say with only such expressions an actress can bewilder so many audiences in the dark room. But her amazingly versatile expressions have not been used properly yet. Her many talents have not been used yet. Her another big asset is her dancing ability. Madhuri has superb power to change herself. Take six scenes from six Madhuri film, you will see six different Madhuri! You won’t find any similarity among them, so much versatile she is! But then again, if you notice deeply, you will see the similarity because the face is the same only different shade is moving over them. It is an envying power. It will depend on the ability of the director how much he/she can use her versatility. Look at her face, like me you will also think God has not created a more beautiful face. It is so beautiful that I cannot think her in any vamp role. I would like to say finally that how much the actor Kajol tries to criticize her beauty and talent, the viewer kajol is obsessed with Madhuri mania.”

Anandolok Pujabarshiki 1998


Katrina kaif:

“I look up to Madhuri for inspiration”

Times of India  Nov 21 2008


Chandan Arora (director of MMDBCH)

If there is another term for female superstardom in the Bollywood thesaurus, that term is Madhuri Dixit. The name stands for so much—an industry icon, superb actress, brilliant dancer and charismatic personality. Nobody compares to Madhuri as yet.”

Indian Express, Sep 13, 2003


Vidya Balan in reply toWho is your idol?”

I loved Madhuri Dixit in ‘Devdas’. I’m a huge fan of hers. If I can conduct my career with half her dignity and grace I’d have achieved more than what I had thought.

Bollyvista.com, 21 st March, 2006.


Madhuri is the ‘woman’ in the era of eternal girlhood. A mature intelligence informs all her performances. From the fiery (Beta) to the flippant (Raja)  from the spirited (Dil) and the comedic (khel) to the wholesome (hum Apke Hain Koun). The breadth of understanding has allowed her to successfully explore a fairly rich gamut of roles and to prevail as an actress even when the usual support system (script/co-star/director) fails her.

A combination of intuitive sense and learned mastery, emotional pitch to an actor is what sur is to the singer. Like the Mangeshkars, Madhuri has an innate sense of pitch. And like the Mangeshkars, she has, through discipline and diligent practice, developed this sense so that she always, but always, delivers pitch perfect performance. She can provide bodice-busting dialogue (Anjaam) without becoming shrill or loud, play broad or farcical (Raja, Khel) without becoming foolish, go risqué or ribald without seeming coarse or tawdry- you get the drift.

FilmFare 1998 (women we love issue, 9o s heroines)


Madhuri’s is a well-grounded fine tuned feminine sensibility. Despite the obvious intelligence it’s also a warmly gracious sensibility. Particularly early in her career she brought to the screen a playful and vivacious persona that helped shape the tempo and tone of the decade.

Her smile is expressive, joyful but vaguely hesitant smile of a sensitive introvert. Placed against a truly extroverted star, like Madhubala, you realise Madhuri has tempered her heroine with conviction and diluted the saucy sensuality of her uninhibited predecessors.

Filmfare 1998 (Women we love issue, 90s heroines)


Madhuri’s dancing prowess once so dominated her image that it threatened, at times, to overwhelm her many other substantial gifts. And understandably so,since a single explosive dance numbers of hers could often generate tidal waves at the box-office (Tezaab, Khalayak, Raja)

She is a category unto herself, quite apart from traditional dancing stars like Vyjantimala, Asha Parekh, Hema Malini and more recently Sridevi. The Madhuri dance song has the discipline and often the complexity of traditional dance. But she renders with such joy and fluidity that craft becomes art, work becomes play, and effort is swallowed up by an all-pervasive physical vitality. Madhuri’s dance seem to originate from the spirit, as if body were simply responding to the rhythm of the heart. Madhuri dances like a child at play.

And not just dancing song sequence seem to liberate her. That famous reserve slides off her like a silk chunaria, releasing the full measure of her youthful exuberance. Madhuri’s acting is lucid and well written prose but her song sequences are sheer poetry.

Filmfare 1998 (Women we love issue, 90s heroines)


She (Madhuri) has been the leader of the pack. Even as sings multiply the sun of her day has crossed into late afternoon, the light is mellow but full. Obits are, to say the least, premature.

Filmfare 1998 (Women we love issue, 90s heroines)


Rituparna Sengupta:

“Mujhe lagta hain she is the best and she will always remain the best.”

Lehren 2007



“Madhuri has always been my favourite because in my opinion she is the best, I always thought that the dancer she is, the face that she has the smile she has, she is just too good”

Lehren 2007


Gautam Rajdhakshya

A great face, graceful, acting prowess and dancer. A consistent 10 year period at the top in an era when faces change every week. Ideal muse for directors, choreographers, photographers and even painters! A modern icon.



Gautam Rajdhakshya

She is so flexible, you can do what you like with her. She undergoes a metamorphosis in front of the camera.




Among the actresses Madhuri Dixit will always be my favourite

Hindustan Times March 29, 2009


Geeta Basra:

“I’m a huge fan of Madhuri Dixit. As a child I used to love watching her movies,” she pointed out. “I think she had the complete package: beauty, talent, dancing… everything. She has been my biggest inspiration to be where I am. It’s a great privilege for me to be a part of the same industry that she has been.”

Khaleej Times July 29, 2008


Wahida Rehman:

“Madhuri Dixit is the only actress who can do justice to the role Rosie of Guide if it is made again. She is a very good actress and a dancer”

Thaindian Aug 6, 2008


“The latest issue of Verve has just managed to get a  personified version of beauty, poise, grace and divinity on its cover! People better know her as the one and only Madhuri Dixit, Bollywood evergreen gift to the Diva Land.”

Indiafm Dec 2007


“There is a palpable mood of excitement in Bollywood these days. Madhuri Dixit is back! And with her the era of the diva returns. Every once in a while an actress appears who combines grace and charisma, mystery and allure all translating into an unforgettable screen presence. Madhuri is one of those. She had the demure restraint of the actresses of yesterday and yet, all the oomph required to set the screen on fire. Then she disappeared into the suburban anonymity of America after marrying the low profile Dr Sriram Nene. Now she’s back, with a new look, a worked out body and the same 1000 watt smile. It’s been five years since Devdas, and the December cover of Verve establishes her comeback.”

Editor Verve, Dec 2007


Preity Zinta

It was great working with an  icon like Madhuri Dixit (about her working in yeh raste hai pyar ke)

Filmfare, October 2001


Priyanka Chopra

“There are so many actresses associated to Lux. I would pick Madhuri if I had to pick one.”

Cnn-ibn Nov 17, 2007


Priyanka Chopra

I love Madhuri, I am a huge huge fan, I am so excited about seeing her.

Times Now, Nov 2007



I was a dance buff. And mad about Madhuri Dixit.
I’ve danced to practically all her numbers at culturals.

The Hindu, March 05, 2005


K. S. Adhiyaman (writer and director of Hum Tumhare Hai Sanam)

As for Madhuri, she’s damn good. In fact, my crew spent two days just drooling over her. “Oh! Madhuri Dixit yaar… ” they kept gaping at her.
I had to shake them up and say, “Chalo, let’s get started.”

The Hindu, March 05, 2005


Pravin Bhatt

Certain faces are perfect from any angle – like Madhubala, Rekha and Madhuri Dixit.

Screen , Sep 5,  2010.



“I loved it when people said Madhuri danced better than me. That means my choreography worked,”

Indian Express, Aug 23, 2009



Madhuri Dixit will always be my favourite.

Hindustan Times, March 29, 2009.


Niki Aneja Wadia

“She has lead a decent life and is balancing both the worlds so well; so getting compared with her is definitely one of the biggest compliments for me. Since years I have been the Madhuri Dixit of small screen and I like it that way”

India_Forum, April 22, 2009


Neetu Chandra

I want to be a combination of Smita Patil and Madhuri Dixit,

Express India, Nov 22. 2008.


“In today’s cut-throat world, you have to have gleaming degrees like MBBS, B-Tech to match up to the ever-heating competition. But the degree that takes the cake is ‘M.D.’, which is undisputedly the ‘baap‘ of all the degrees.

Bollywood also follows the same rule. The only difference is that, here, ‘MD’ is considered as the ‘Maa‘ of all the names, for the fact that it belongs Madhuri Dixit, the name that spells Class, Grace, Élan, Style, Poise, Glamour, Magic, Romance…in short, the A-Z of Bollywood!

Today is the Birthday of the biggest Diva that Bollywood has ever produced. Right from her debut in Abodh till Tezaab, Dil to her latest release Aaja Nachle, her fan base has been growing so wide that it can give any Solar Constellation the hugest inferiority complex that anyone can ever get!”

Indiafm May 2008


Amitabh Bachchan :

“She is an icon of Indian cinema”

Rediff, Unforgettable Tour 2008


Deepika Padukone:

“I have grown up watching Madhuri Dixit, she is like a legend to me and one of the finest our industry has seen.”

Times of India 24th April, 2009


She’s the ultimate female diva. A regal empress holding court in a male bastion. Treated more like royalty, Madhuri Dixit is the one actress who can boast of reducing the male-domination movement in the industry to a mere whimper. Her command over the medium and even over most of her male co-stars is undeniable. It has in fact elevated her to an icon status, further epitomised by besotted painter-cum-self-confessed ‘Madhuri fan’, M F Hussain. It was time to tap those ‘certified’ grey cells, for a personalised account of the feminine psyche.Penned by the ‘chosen one’ (sorry Rekha) herself.



“Madhuri Dixit is the ultimate diva in the hindi film industry. She has ruled the showbiz with her consistent performances from abodh till devdas she has been matchless for her sheer style, grace and ada. We look back at the top five films of an actress who can make countries forget their differences and who is the poetic muse of M.F. Hussain’s colourful palette.

Yes there can’t be another Madhuri Dixit for Madhuri jaisa koi ho hi nahin sakta.”

Indiafm top 5 Madhuri films


Shahid Kapoor:

“Well I have been a fan of Madhuri Dixit, she was fantastic. She is whose performance I really like.”

NDTV July 20, 2008


Neetu Chandra

She was a class apart. The kind of music came in her days is no longer composed in the industry. Songs like Choli ke peechhe’ and Dhak dhak karne lagaa were amazing. I would have loved to perform on those numbers. I know I can never be Madhuri Dixit, but even if people say I’m 10 percent of her, I would feel my efforts have paid off,”

NDTV times, June 24, 2010.


Akbar Khan (actor of film swati and director of film tajmahal) on when he first set eyes on Madhuri (in 2006):

“It was during the shoot of Swati. I remember seeing a sweet girl sitting at the corner of the sets with her mother all the time. I didn’t know who she was. I was the hero of the film and my heroine was Meenakshi Sheshadri, who was a big star then.

The girl was a reflection of perfect Indian beauty. I could see some kind of magic in her eye, but I didn’t introduce myself. I only felt that she had the beauty of three great Indian heroines — Madhubala, Nargis and Vyjantimala. When I asked about her, I was told her name was Madhuri Dixit. She had the role of a tomboy in the film and was playing Meenakshi’s stepsister.

The film was about a woman’s liberation, and how she goes beyond societal norms to do what she feels is right. It was directed by Kranti Kumar and produced by the late L V Prasad. Madhuri had an insignificant role but, while shooting, I found that her body, eyes and acting really synchronized well. It was unbelievable for me to see a first timer give such a brilliant performance.

She rose from nowhere to become the biggest star of Indian cinema. No actor today can match her peak. One of my biggest regrets in life is never getting a chance to work opposite her or direct her. I hope to get a chance to do that in this lifetime.

I think what set Madhuri apart from other heroines of her time was her sincerity. She has a million-dollar smile that resembles that of Madhubala and the actress Nimi. She manages to look sensuous in whatever she wears — Indian or Western. She is also an amazing dancer. I can’t think of any actress today managing to do what she did. I envy other heroes who got a chance to act with her.

If Leonardo Da Vinci were alive today, he would have painted Madhuri instead of the Mona Lisa.”

Rediff May 15 2006


Karan Johar:

“What do I say about the most beautiful woman ever? What do I say about the most magnificent smile ever? what do I say about the most fantastic actress ever? ….  Madhuri Dixit.”

Koffe with Karan June 2007


Karan Johar

“Dance is a combination of two things; it is the face work and foot work. Madhuri excels in both. Her expressions are just magnificent. No one, and I repeat no one, in Indian cinema can dance and express in a song the way Madhuri Dixit does.”

Cnn-ibn Nov 2007


Karan Johar

“I can’t say I’m amazed by Madhuri’s popularity. When I decided to invite her on my show I didn’t know that her popularity seeps down right to the youngest of Bollywood.”

entertainment.oneindia, January 24, 2011


Rani Mukherji:

“Madhuri Dixit is the only one who inspires me the way I am on screen.”

“Our whole family just adore Madhuri, my mother says to me that I cannot be even a little finger of Madhuri”

“There is nobody like Madhuri,  she is the legend”

Koffe with Karan June 2007


Sonali Bendre:

”It is a crime if an actress like Madhuri does not make a comeback. I am a big fan of Madhuri Dixit and feel that she should always be there in the movies. However, I do not think I am ever in the same category.”

NewKerala.com Aug 6, 2008


Jahan Bloch (Mehul Kumar’s Daughter)

I have always idolised Madhuri Dixit Nene. She is brilliant on screen and I would love to do Chandramukhi’s role in Devdas.

Screen May 29, 2009


Saroj Khan:

“I have never seen a better dancer than Madhuri and most likely will not ever see.”

Filmfare awards 2006


Shreyas Talpade:“ I’m in love with Madhuri . However i can’t be her leading man in a movie. It has more to do with screen age. I can play even her servant”

Filmfare.com 03-12-2008


Yash Chopra:

“I have never seen her cribbing about anything or shirk any responsibility. I always knew that the industry will call her back and I am happy that she is making a comeback in Yashraj’s Aaja Nachle. She is the queen of Bollywood and always be so.”

March 8, 2007


Divya Dutt

We have the most talented, and the hottest, actresses today but no one’s been able to replace Madhuri Dixit. She was the rare combination of a fabulous dancer, great actor someone with great poise and stunningly beautiful. The ada in her dances drove an entire generation crazy, and she could balance a dhak dhak in Beta with the kind of performance she delivered in Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. The more I watch her, the more I learn.

DNA, Sunday, Jul 3, 2011.


Vinay Pathak:

“Madhuri Dixit is the best ever”

Making of Aja nachle


Vikram Phadnis:

“Take any film of Madhuri Dixit, whether the film is a winner or not, Madhuri Dixit is always the hero of all her films”

“There are actresses and there are actresses and then there is Madhuri Dixit”



Vidhu Vinod Chopra:

“Talent is not age specific. Madhuri is a luminous talent and like a good single malt, she has only gotten better with age. If I did think of a project for her it would have to be something that does justice to her many skills. Something that pushes her into new areas while building on the immense love she already has with her audience.”

Verve Dec 2007


Shruti Merchant

I want to choreograph Madhuri Dixit, she is enigmatic.

The Hindu, Sep 17, 2011.


Mumaith Khan

I simply adore few personalities and they have left a lasting impression on me. I simply love Madhuri Dixit — her dance style is mind-blowing.

Expressbuzz, Showbuzz, April 19 2010.



“’I’ve always looked up to Madhuri Dixit for inspiration”

IndiaGlitz [Friday, January 02, 2009]


Subhash Ghai:

Madhuri has always been my favourite actress and will always remain so.”

Zee Cinema 2004


Shekhar Kapur in 1991

“She has the expression of classic tragic passion. She has the ability to portray a woman completely and entirely in love.”


Kerala director Shajhi Karun on why he wanted Madhuri for his film:

“The most important aspect of my film is the relationship between the model and artist, which is platonic. And it is only if I get extreme shades of performance from the model that I can do justice to the quality of Ravi Varma’s paintings. Whether it is Saraswathi, Lakshmi, Damayanthi or Shakuntala, there is expression in the stillness and silence of the paintings. To get expressions in silence, you need a very good artiste, which is why I thought of Madhuri Dixit.”

Rediff 2006


Sanjay Kapoor:

“My films were never hits during those days and even if a Raja was a hit, it was attributed to Madhuri Dixit, just like she got the credit for Beta, Hum Aapke Hai Kaun or Khalnayak.”

Times of India Jan 16, 2009


Vaishali Desai:

“Madhuri Dixit is the most graceful, elegant and poised Indian actress you can ever think of”

Indiafm video 2009


Niharika Singh:

“I give Madhuri Dixit 10 on 10 for being a complete Hindi film actress and want to emulate her. Everything from her acting and dancing skills, comic timing, looks and smile was in order.”

Screen Nov 28, 2008


She may not have been raised as a star but star she is. The last female superstar whose name even inspired a movie title.

The actress-diva, who inspired a movie about a naive, small-town girl who wants to be just like her – Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon – is the original, blue-blooded stuff that legends are made of.

Vevre, 1st Quarter 2004.


Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane naa girl Manjiri Phadnis

I think my Mom will be every ones most influential personality. I also think that Madhuri Dixit, Mother Terassa and Indira Gandhi have really influenced all of us.

Topnews.in on Woman’s Day 2009.


The camera merely rolls when other actresses emote. But when Madhuri Dixit gets into the act, the camera seems to stop dead in its tracks, watching her like an incorrigible voyeur.

Time and again, she has worked with directors who can’t equip her with the depth or contact that she’s so capable of. Time and again, she has been crackerjack and the film a crashing bore. Obviously she hopscotches over the handicaps. What a Shyam Benegal, a Mani Ratnam or a Shekhar Kapur might do with her is a tantalising prospect.

Filmfare October 1996


Minishsha Lamba:

“My fav would be Madhuri. She’s the entire package. You couldn’t segregate her as an actress or a fine looker or a dancer. There was a charisma about her. She was the representative of the quintessential Indian woman in the post Nargis and Madhubala years.

Regional Times, Sep 2008


M. F. Hussain:

“Madhuri remains the ultimate heroine of Indian cinema.”

Times News Network March 28, 2008


M. F. Hussain:

“”She is a complete actress. There were some like Nargis who were known for their performance, Madhubala for her beauty and Vyajayanthimala for her dancing, but Madhuri is ‘all-in-one.’ She is complete. A phenomenon. Ashok Kumar once said that she is one ‘complete’ actress that India has produced in 100 years. I totally agree with him.

Now she is married and a mother, and doing justice to that role as well. After her first child, I had stayed at her home in America. She is a good wife. She takes care of every detail in the house. She takes care of her child on her own and doesn’t have a nanny. And, she is a good host.

When her husband (Dr Sriram Nene) asked me if I would like to go sightseeing, I told him there was no need to go out when there was such a nice movie at home — Madhuri playing the role of housewife and mother. It was a perfect picture.”

Rediff  May 15, 2006


M. F. Hussain:

“It’s not that she’s the only one in the whole world. But particularly for the big screen, in acting and how she used to play her roles — there, she was the master… a great artist. Certain actresses specialise in different things: tragedy, comedy and so on. But she [Dixit] was a complete actress. In that way, I think Indian cinema has not seen such a complete actress in 100 years.”

Khaleej Times April 16, 2010


“In today’s cut-throat world, you have to have gleaming degrees like MBBS, B-Tech to match up to the ever-heating competition. But the degree that takes the cake is ‘M.D.’, which is undisputedly the ‘baap‘ of all the degrees.

Bollywood also follows the same rule. The only difference is that, here, ‘MD’ is considered as the ‘Maa‘ of all the names, for the fact that it belongs Madhuri Dixit, the name that spells Class, Grace, Élan, Style, Poise, Glamour, Magic, Romance…in short, the A-Z of Bollywood!”

Indiafm Bollywood Hungama, May 2008


Anuj Sachdev

Favorite Actress is Madhuri Dixit, she’s not just a great actress but an awesome dancer too!

India-forums July 25, 2009


TV actress Amna Shariff

“From childhood I was fond of dancing and acting. I was a big fan of Madhuri Dixit.”

Indian Cinema News Apr 2, 2007


TV actress Amna Shariff

“As a child, I used to watch Madhuri Dixit and envy her”

Hindustan Times Feb 27, 2007


Shweta Kumar (Indra Kumar’s daughter):

“I loved watching Madhuri Dixit at work; I was in awe of her. She is a perfect dancer and actress and very hardworking. She was a big influence on me after Dil.”

StarBoxoffice.com Oct 9, 2008


Shweta Kumar (Indra Kumar’s daughter):

“My father used to tell me to watch the films of Madhuri Dixit so as to bring that cutting edge in my acting.”

Times Of India Oct 9, 2008


Akshay Khanna:

I like Madhuri Dixit the most. Her style, her facial expression… bahut kamal ki actress hai, kamal ki actress hai.

Zee Cinema 2004



Naseeruddin Shah

She (Vidya Balan) is a true successor to Madhuri. I have been a great fan of Madhuri and am now becoming a great fan of Vidya.

Times Of India, Sep 11, 2011


Rajat Barjatya (Executive director Rajshri)

She is a better human being than an actor, and I think that goodness which is in her reflects on screen. So more than having introduced Madhuri Dixit the star we are proud that we have introduced a very very good human being to the film industry.

Zee Cinema 2004


Salman Khan:

Salman mentions Madhuri as his favourite actress and one with the maximum beauty and style.

Times of India  Nov 21 2008


Gautam Rajdhakshya after Aaja nachle:

“I haven’t seen the film but I believe that the premise of the film is far too weak. Everyone just tabs a fraction of Madhuri’s talent. I’m very reluctant to see the film but I know I will see it at some stage just for Madhuri’s sake. But when I do see her, I say ‘Oh, my God, there’s so much more to her’. It’s not just that she is the best dancer or the fact that she is tremendously graceful or feminine but she has a fabulously expressive voice. She is so wonderfully mercurial in front of the camera.”

“Dance is very difficult to explain. Take for example, Meenakshi Sheshadri. You could give her the most complicated steps to the most off-beat of rhythms. Her retentive powers were excellent, her footwork was brilliant and of course, she had a tremendous understanding of rhythm. However, I don’t think Meenakshi can be compared to someone like Madhuri simply because it’s finally the abhinay, the haav-bhaav…that is something that makes a dancer not just a dancer but an expressionist. After all, what is dance? It’s drama through the movements of your body. That is where she scores. One thing she has is a tremendously good sense of music. Apart from that, she has a great retentive as well as a highly developed sense of absorbing and then bringing out in her performances everything that she has observed. And while she’s observing, you won’t even notice but she’s like a sponge.”

“Vidya Balan has a very nice, sensitive face. I frankly find Priyanka (Chopra) extremely intelligent. So there is no paucity of talent, beauty or glamour but the refinement that comes in all forms in one person is missing. When I asked M F Husain what he thought was so special about Madhuri (we were at the sets of Dil To Pagal Hai), he said to me, ‘Just watch her, she’s not noticing us, look at the way she sits, look at the way she reaches for a cup of tea, look at the way she flicks her hair…her body language, her feminity…the way she turns around, every bit of it is so Indian and feminine.’ Also having seen the female sex for 90 years and for him to literally pick her out is a huge compliment. And now with Aaja Nachle, he actually booked the whole auditorium just to be the sole spectator. So while it’s not really fair to say that today’s actresses are not talented or good-looking, the confluence of all that an artiste would need, I have not found in anyone since Madhuri.”

NachGana Dec 2007


Manjiri Phadnis:

“Madhuri Dixit is my biggest inspiration. I call her my guru. She’s the most complete actress we’ve had. Be it her performance, dance, grace, voice and her mesmerising smile.”

Indian Express Dec 05, 2008


Manjiri Phadnis:

“I think my Mom will be every ones most influential personality. I also think that Madhuri Dixit, Mother Terassa and Indira Gandhi have really influenced all of us, so on the eve of Woman’s day I wish all women from all field a very Happy Woman’s Day.”

Topnews.in on Woman’s Day 2009.


Sahana Goswami:

“Madhuri Dixit has always been a favourite. She was someone who in her era when it was all about the men when she stood her ground like nobody else has been. To me, she is the quintessential and the best example of a commercial Bollywood actress. She had the right balance of realism and ada, the dancing, and everything. She was the right package.”

cnn-ibn, Oct 05, 2008


Neetu Chandra:

“No one can dream of taking of Madhuri”

Indiafm June 7, 2008


Jackie Shroff:

“Madhuri and bollywood are synonymous with one another, you cannot talk about bollywood without talking about her. When she quit films and got married we lost our Kohinoor. I am totally mad about her.”

Shamma 2005


N. Chandra:

“She is every director’s dream and always delivers beyond one’s imagination and expectation”

Shamma 2005


Sanjay Leela Bhansali:

“I have never seen a better actress than Madhuri.  She is showbiz personified. No one has ever been able to replace her as an actress.”

Big Bazar Dec 2005


Madhur Bhandarkar:

I would like to remake Ketan mehta’s Mirch Masala and cast Madhuri in Smita patil’s character of Sonbai who defies the subhedar’s lust and unifies the village woman to fight him. A power packed performance keeping the dignity of a woman. Madhuri would be apt!

Filmfare June 2007


Kunal Kohli:

As filmmakers we should think of new subjects for Madhuri, she is such a powerhouse of talent. I would rather show her in a way she or anyone else has not been seen before.

Filmfare June 2007


Bhumika Chawla

Waheeda Rehman and Madhuri Dixit are my all-time favourites. Madhuri Dixit is a complete package of beauty, performance and grace.

Times of Oman, June 30, 2011


Nauheed Cyrusi

My all-time favourite is Madhuri Dixit. She is the hottest-diva to its truest sense.

Thaindian July 9, 2009.


Everyone I know in showbiz from Tabu to Rani Mukherji from Shabana Azmi to Gauri Khan is an unabashed Madhuri Dixit buff.

Editor of Filmfare June 2007


Konkona  Sen Sharma:

“ I really really admire her, she is very beautiful, she dances gracefully, she is a brilliant actress and she is a great person! I mean what else!!”

Making of Aja nachle


Konkona  Sen Sharma:

“When you are on the sets working with Madhuri Dixit, you tend to forget that she is ‘The Madhuri Dixit’ because she is so normal. Honestly speaking, she is unassuming, very friendly, very considerate. There was a time when my knees were hurting and she came forward like any other friend and offered her help. Yes, it was special to be working with her because I never thought that my wish to work with her would come true one day”

“Madhuri shares screen space with not only me but all of us, whether it’s Kunal, Ranvir, Vinay Pathak or Raghuveer Yadav. Sharing screen space with Madhuri is just so unbelievable. She is right in front of you and you tend to go speechless when she delivers her lines. She is an inspiration to watch and when you watch this film you will know exactly why.”

Indiafm Interview Nov 2007.


Chitrashi Rawat:

I think Madhuri Dixit is the perfect actress: she is a fabulous dancer and she is so beautiful with a lovely smile. No one can take her place.

StarBox office July 22, 2009


Bhavna Pani

I have realised that dance makes one a better actress. Vyjayantimala Bali and Madhuri Dixit have always been my role models.

India Express Aug 24, 2009


Until Ashwariya arrived, Madhuri was the reigning queen of Bollywood. In a male-dominated industry she was the first female actor to headline a film and choose her leading man. A trained classical dancer, she acted in more than 50 movies. Now 39 and living in the US with her husband and two children,

The Guardian, Aug 10, 2006.


Jaideep Sahni (script writer of Aja Nachle)

She is a great artiste who is able to tap an unknown vibe from the atmosphere through antenna that nobody sees and bring them into the performance and create a kind of a subtext which raises every scene to a level much higher than what the conceiver had imagined.

Making of Aja Nachle


Vidya malvade

Who inspired you to become an actor?

Madhuri Dixit. She is beautiful and talented. I never thought I’d be an actor, but she inspired me.

Indian Express: May 01, 2009



I wish I had romanced someone like Nargis or Madhuri Dixit

Cnn-ibn  July 24, 2009


Vidya Balan

Balan always admired her role model Madhuri and was fascinated by her histronics.

Screen May 08, 2009


Jackie Shroff

People are only praising Karisma because it was Madhuri she was standing up to. It was like if anyone gave a good shot in front of Dilip Kumar people used to clap “Wow! What a performance!”

Stardust January 1998



I liked the song that Amitabh Bachchan and I did with Madhuri Dixit in Bade Miya, Chhote Miya I was so happy when I saw that song that I whistled. There are Allahabadi, Punjabi and Marathi colours spreading all over in that song. After this song, my uncle called from Banaras to say – yes, now you have became a fairly good artist. The atmosphere that was created after that song was historical for me.

Indiafm August 4, 2007.


Ashok Thakeria (Producer of Dil, Beta and Raja)

At the time of dil many said how Amir will look with Madhuri. Now for Raja whoever has seen the shooting said Madhuri and Sanjay looks perfect together. This is the beauty of Madhuri, she can fit into any kind of slot.

Making of Raja (Lehren)



My favourite actress is Madhuri Dixit.

Indiafm August 4, 2007.


Shabana Azmi

Art cinema can be revived only by someone like Madhuri.

Movie, September 1995


Karan Johar

“Post Madhuri Dixit I don’t think there has been any queen bee. The crown lies without the queen”

Time Of India 25 May 2007


Dilip Kumar

“She is such a good girl, so humble and well brought up, she deserves all the good things that have happened to her.”

India Express Dec 20, 1999.


Geeta Basra

“ I am not statstruck otherwise, but I am  a huge fan of Madhuri’s. I recently met her at her birthday and I actually touched her feet. That was the most memorable and wonderful moment of my life.”

Times of India May 29, 2007


If awards and the box-office are any criteria to go by, Madhuri Dixit is, undoubtedly, India’s number one star. She is also a major trend-setter. At a time when music had become secondary to violence, it was Madhuri who revived the drawing power of melody. Movie-makers realised that a good film could counter the impact of video by including imaginatively-picturised song and dance numbers that viewers would come back to see again and again.

Rediff, April 4, 1997


Archana Gupta

If you could choose, which actor’s shoes would you want to be in?
Madhuri Dixit, any day! I like her because she is a great artiste and a nice person.

Mid day, Interview 30 Dec, 2008


Karan Johar

In the ’90s, any sari worn by Madhuri Dixit would instantly spawn a million copies.Young girls shopping on Mumbai’s Linking Road or in Delhi’s Karol Bagh wouldn’t hesitate to ask for the Hum Aapke Hain Kaun sari.

Hindustan Times, April 18, 2010


Shweta Tiwari

I am just like one of you who loves breathing, drinking and dreaming about stars and their charismatic persona! One of my favorites and I’m more than sure many of yours too, is the sensational and poised Madhuri Dixit!

The very mention of her name gets your minds racing with her dance numbers and graceful performances, not to forget that high voltage smile!  From her ‘Ek Do Teen’ to ‘Mera Piya Ghar Aaya’ jumpy numbers, I have tried to copy her every step and bend to duplicate that effortless polish of hers but like the world knows-Madhuri Dixit is the one and only in our film industry. The charm and beauty she exudes is inexplicable and even a thousand words wouldn’t do justice to her.

During my school and college days, my family would find me glued to the television when she would be on-screen. I would try to my best to dance half as brilliantly as her, get CDs of her latest movies not missing any (last being ‘Aaja Nach Le’), imitate her style of dressing and hair and basically do everything a star fanatic does. She was and continues to be my idol and I don’t aspire to be her but she does inspire me to be that lovely, refined Indian woman she is. I have a collection of files with over a thousand postcards and pictures of Madhuri Dixit collected through my school days!

I was lucky enough to bump into her once a long time ago at a clinic but very obviously it was a very limited, formal and courteous exchange of greetings. Yes, I did feel that rage of excitement and scream out loud on seeing my idol in front of me, in person, just centimeters distant from me! I can be fan crazy too

There have been a few instances when during shoots or dance sequences and performances, I have been complimented to remind people of Madhuri Dixit. And that makes my day

Shweta Tiwari’s Blog, India-forum


Hansika Motwani

“I am very excited to be a part of this film, and it is indeed an honour to play the role which was played by Madhuri. She is someone I have always looked up to and she is easily the most talented and the most beautiful actress in our industry.”

Times of India, May 29, 2010


Aparna Sharma

Madhuri Dixit has always been my all time favourite actor.

Oneindia, April 15, 2010


Gautam Rajdhakshya

Which have been your most memorable moments?
During Dil Toh Pagal Hai, I was shooting with Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit and Karisma Kapoor. Karisma took a mirror and gave some final touches to her makeup. SRK asked Madhuri whether she too wanted a last glimpse. She told SRK, “My mirrors are here,” and pointed to Mickey Contractor (make-up expert) and me. I was overwhelmed and quite shaken. Mickey told me to enjoy it because we would never get such a response again.

DNA, June 28, 2010


Suhasi Dhami

“I have worshipped Madhuri Dixit ever since I watched her take the country by storm with Ek Do Teen. Before I’d watched Humko Aajkal Hai from Sailaab, I had never imagined that a Koli number could be so sensuous! In this dance cameo, I have tried to re-create the same look … Nobody can really copy Madhuri as she is inimitable, but I have danced with a lot of love for Madhuri in my mind. Let’s hope the audience enjoys my performance.”
Times of India, Sep 30, 2011.
Zehra Hussain 
My ode to Indian cinema will be incomplete if I do not mention an actress who in my opinion is indubitably the face of Bollywood. Madhuri Dixit is not just a director’s dream or an artist’s muse. Her beauty touches the hearts of million around the globe. Her smile lights up the screen, her dance sets the floor on fire. She does everything with the utmost poise and elegance. Her ethereal sensibilities evoke the beauty of Waheeda Rehman and Madhubala. Her acting skills stand parallel to the likes of Shabana Azmi and Rekha. But it is in her dance, that Madhuri manifests herself as the Godess of Bollywood. The nimbleness of her gymnastic steps in ‘Dil toh Pagal Hai’ and the grace, with which she embodies kathak or classical dance in numerous songs, showcases the broad spectrum of talent that she possesses.
Zehra Hussain, Dawn, 1st Oct 2011.

Gautam Rajdhakshya

What makes Madhuri Dixit-Nene so special to a photographer’s eye?
Madhuri has a supremely beautiful face, perfectly placed eyes, a wonderful mouth and small nose. Her body is proportionate, although not waif-like. She is a director’s actor. I have put her in ice, made her sit on watermelons, made her go around in circles over a hundred times; without wincing, she has done it all. She has that quality about her.

DNA, June 28, 2010


Imran Khan

Who do you think is the most romantic Bollywood heroine of all time?
Madhuri Dixit. I loved her in ‘Dil’ with Aamir mamu.

Masala.com June 28, 2010


Vaishnavi Patil.

Madhuri Dixit is too good. I want to dance just like her

June 28 , 2010, Times of  India


Yash Chopra

She is the most fantastic person, of course she is a fantastic artiste, people have appreciated her over the years, on top of that she is the most wonderful person, most hassle free artiste. She comes from a middle class family and is deeply rooted to those values.

cnn-ibn, 2007



(Sanjay Leela Bhansali, 2002)
The most expensive Bollywood movie ever made, Indian cinema’s third version of Devdas took the original plot (Romeo and Juliet plus added family rivalry and alcoholism) and topped it with extra doses of silk, sequins and dance sequences. Though former Miss World Aishwarya Rai gets top billing, it’s Madhuri Dixit’s femme fatale who steals the show

Guardian, 1000 films to see before you die


The first thing that strikes one about Madhuri is the basic person. She has managed to retain her middle-class values, not allowed stardom to affect her. She is among the very few in the film industry I have connected with on a personal level.



“It’s almost impossible to have another Madhuri. I am not God to predict but thinking to have someone as complete as her is beyond my imagination.”

As a judge in a talent show on TV called “main madhuri dixit banna chahti hoon”, 2004.


Shekhar Suman to Sanjay Kapoor

“Madhuri ka kya tha,wo apni film ke Hero ko kha jati thi. Maine uske sath bahot pehle 1 film me kaam kiya tha.Mujhe uske baad kabhi koi film hi nahi mili. Tumne uske sath 1 Superhit film (Raja) me kaam kiya,uske baad tumhari koi film hi Hit nahi hui.”

As a host of a TV show Sanjay Kapoor


Shahrukh Khan:

Madhuri Dixit is the most solid and honest man I’ve met in the industry. Yeah, you heard right. She’s truly like a man. She’s the most solid thinker, solid emotionally, solid believer. And someone who loves her parents immensely. And of course, her talent is unquestionable. She’s the complete Indian film heroine. She’d always help me with my dancing. I’d always dance a step behind her so I could follow her. Like in Koyla I would tell her just be  half a step ahead of me, so it’ll be easy for me. And she’d oblige. I hope she comes back. I miss her. I miss seeing her more than I miss working with her. Juhi and Madhuri are my all time favourites though Juhi is much closer to me personally.To me, Juhi and Madhuri are the epitome of acting, of love and friendship. They are closest to my heart. And they are two actors from whom I’ve learnt the most. These are the only two I feel I’m not as good as actors and human beings.

Filmfare, Shahrukh and his heroines, 2006


Sanjay Dutt (Regarding the false story of link up)When the story of our liason first broke out we were doing Saajan. In fact when the story broke out in the press she was shooting for Khel in Kenya. So when we had a schedule for Sajan after that, I went up and said sorry to her. Because she was under public scrutiny for no fault of hers.”

Movie October, 1993.


Richa Sharma Dutt (actress and Sanjay Dutt’s first wife, talking about relationship turmoil with her husband  and strongly emphasizing that Madhuri has nothing to do with it. )

“And why is everybody dragging Madhuri into all this? She is a nice girl”

Stardust Oct 1992 ——————————————————————————–

Dino Morea:

“One has to agree that Madhuri is magical. She is pure magic onscreen”


Sholay and HAHK made 35 crores and 175 crores respectively. The two icons of mainstream cinema represents two distinct aspects of reality. One is drenched in violence and revenge, while the other is escape from the dreaded reality. Madhuri Dixit, the later’s heroine has bewitched the South Asian humanity with her beauty and grace. Men and women, young and old, poor and rich all seem hypnotized by this new diva of unfathomable erotic charm. 

Democracies of unfreedom,  the United states and India by Brij Mohan (Book), Greenwood Publishing group, 1996. 


Of the female stars, Madhuri Dixit gave mass hysteria new meaning, achieving near cult status in such films as Tezaab (1988), Ram Lakhan (1989), Dil (1990), Hum Apke Hain Koun (1994), Raja (1995), Dil to Pagal hai (1997). Her recent films wajood, pukar, gaja gamini all flopped. And her return to the film industry after marriage, in yeh raaste hain pyar ke was uninspiring.  Her brief but sparkling appearance in the multistar  cast lajja proved what was already known- that Madhuri Dixit has no peer in the business  – and that even if hits were to stop flowing her natural talent will not.

Indian popular cinema, a narrative of cultural change by K. Gokulsing and Wimal Dissanayake. Trentham Books, 2004.


Born in Mumbai, India, superstar Madhuri Dixit owned Hindi cienema in the 1980s and 90s. In 1999, she married denver-born Physician, Dr. Sriram Nene. With two children, she splits her time between Denver and Mumbai, aka Bombay. The winner of countless awards for her work in the mammoth Indian film industry, which has earned the nickname bollywood Dixit is considered by millions fans as the Indian epitome of feminine grace and beauty.

Exploring Colorado Highways: Trip Trivia by Michael Heim in 2007. 



I have been an ardent admired of you for so long that I just had to put my thoughts to words. Your career has been a lodestar for so many. According to me you are beauty, grace and charm personified. The way you have conducted yourself with so much dignity both on and off screen is a blueprint for many aspirants to chart their path in this mercurial world of movies. Like your million fans I remain hopeful of seeing you light up the big screen for evermore, indeed it cannot be called a big screen unless you fill it.

All my love always Asin.

(Asin to Madhuri) 

Femina, Jun 25, 2011.

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