Madhuri Dixit in HAHK

Hum Apke Hain Koun (HAHK) is one of the biggest blockbuster bollywood film ever. In this article an attempt is made to look into Madhuri Dixit’s  contribution to the success of the film.

In order to gauge the contribution, three things will be studied: Madhuri’s star status before and during the film, a genuine poll reporting the audience feedback on her performance and finally critical feedback.

For the purpose,

i) To measure the star status,  The “top actor” and “top actress” of will be analysed for the year 1994 and previous years (to get the industry, trade and media opinion).

ii) To get genuine audience feedback, Annual Viewers’ opinion poll 1995 from Movie magazine will be analysed (to get the audience opinion). This was the only major and reliable poll during those years.

iii) To get critical feedback, awards for best actor and actress earned in the film will be reported.


The site lists three “Top actor” and “Top Actress” every year. Though they do not have any fixed criteria, supposedly it is based on an actor’s popularity, box office impact and goodwill in the industry. The list is not full proof but it gives some idea about the status of any star in the industry/trade/media as a whole in a given year.

actress                                      Top Actress(

actor           Top Actor ( [1991-1994]

1994: It is seen that Madhuri Dixit is at No 1 position in the list in 1994 and in the description it is written that “she hits her peak with HAHK……”.

Previous years: It can be seen that Madhuri Dixit is at NO 1 position in the top actress list for previous 3 years and in top 3 for the previous 6 years.

It means that Madhuri acted in the film as a huge star and thus was the major attraction. Also the post HAHK status shows that she was the star and driving force of the film and made the major contribution in its success.

ii) Movie Magazine Poll (1995)

Now in order to look into the audience feedback we will investigate the Movie Magazine annual poll of 1995 (that is based on films released in 1994).


Movie Magazine (Viewer’s Opinion Poll 1995) 

As can be seen Madhuri is the most admired actress of the year and HAHK is the best female performance of the year.


Movie Magazine (Viewers’ opinion poll 1995, Favourite actor).

The song Didi tera devar deewana:


The song Didi tera devar deewana (which had Madhuri Dixit dancing to it) became the biggest hit song of the year.

iii)Award: It should be mentioned that Madhuri Dixit won filmfare as well as Screen award for the film. These awards are popular as well as Jury award. It should be mentioned that no other actor including the male lead won any award for the film.

Magazine, Book etc. about Madhuri Magic in HAHK:



Stardust, Dec 1994

BuR8asfCYAIF13f       Magazine cover (Madhuri tera darshak deewana)


  Filmfare, June 1995


Poster of HAHK during screeing, Madhuri Dixit dominates the poster


A critical article in 2014 about Madhuri Dixit in HAHK

Reference of HAHK in books hahk2 hahk3 hahk6

Reference of Madhuri Dixit in HAHK in several books


Madhuri Dixit was the life of the film


Not only in the opening title of Hum Apke Hain Koun but also in the “appeal to the cine goers” of HAHK making video, Madhuri Dixit’s name appears first.


The Muhurat shot of Hum Apke Hain Koun had only Madhuri Dixit in it. It was also the first scene of “making of HAHK” video. Usually the Muhurat shot is always taken with the protagonist

N.B: It should be mentioned that this article does not intend to undermine any actor or the director of the film. It only aims to look at the contribution of Madhuri Dixit towards the success of the film.

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