Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt Affair?


This article shows that the alleged rumor of Sanjay and Madhuri affair is false.

The alleged rumor of “Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt affair” pops up every now and then. During those days Sanjay was married to Richa Sharma Dutt and they were having some problem in their marriage. This article attempts to carefully investigate into the media reports, interviews and other materials to look into what the so called “affair” was.

Madhuri as well as Sanjay had always clearly stated the rumor to be false. The following are some excerpts from Sanjay Dutt’s interviews from those years where he talked about it and always denied it. (Madhuri Dixit has always denied it too).

  • There is also an interview of his wife at that time, Richa Sharma
  • Madhuri’s mom’s comment about her marriage in those days
  • Subhash Ghai’s comment about the issue
  • A poll showing how even the audience never believed the gossip
  • Analysing the rumor from a neutral viewpoint.



*Movie October 1991




*Cineblitz February 1992



* Movie October 1993 (after his release on bail from TADA) 




Richa Sharma Dutt (his wife at that time) Stardust Oct 1992 said “why is everybody dragging Madhuri into this (problem in their marriage) she is a nice girl”



Subhash ghai’s interview from Stardust August 1993.



Even the audience never believed the gossip, the proof is the poll done by Movie magazine in June 1993 (before Sanjay’s arrest) that should most did not believe it.


The rumors were only based on their screen chemistry and mutual admiration as co-actors. Sanjay started seeing Rhea Pillai in late 1993 to whom he got married in 1998.

The rumors were spread because of the popularity of the actors as a pair. They gave two blockbusters together, Saajan and Khalnayak and some other hits (Khatron ki Khiladi, Kanoon Apna Apna)


Madhuri Dixit interview Cineblitz Feb, 1992 [the interviewer Patrick Biswas is speculating a secret marriage much like Mithun Sridevi]


However, what is noticeable even the gossip stories never claimed that they were meeting outside work or film parties  (as in the interviewer of  Cineblitz Feb, 1992 questions Madhuri that what she found to be wrong to go out with a friend , blue section).  The stories were mainly about so called source that speculated, “they like each other though they were hiding it from the world”.

Interestingly in 1993 Stardust Madhuri’s mom said that she would marry a US based Doctor or Engineer and this is exactly what happened.



Now the logical fallacies of the rumor will be analysed : 

Despite their denials, the media continued to speculate on their “affair”.  After Sanjay was arrested for TADA they reported Madhuri ended the “relationship”. This is how the media currently (last few years) reports it.

The current stories say MD ended it after his TADA arrest, the question remains why would Sanjay deny again about any linkup with her even after coming out of bail? Why would he not feel anger and humiliation? According to Sanjay’s record he was never shy of expressing his feeling. In fact in the same interview (Movie, Oct, 1993) he blasted some of his colleagues for not standing up for him (he mentions names). On the contrary, he mentioned in that interview how he apologized to Madhuri when he first heard about the stories (Movie Oct 1993).

Madhuri and Sanjay worked together in the film Mahanta that was released in 1997.

Sanjay always continued to show respect and admiration for Madhuri:

*In 2007 while Madhuri in koffee with Karan Sanjay Dutt appeared as a guest talked warmly about Madhuri. He even compared her to his mother Nargis as an actress. He also mentioned how he met her and her family in Chicago while his visit in the US.



In Koffee with Karan 2010 Sanjay Dutt and Anil Kapoor episode, Sanjay preferred Madhuri over his other female co-stars of that time. The video can be seen below. In the other video it can be seen how candidly Karan Anil and Sanjay talk about the rumour. Karan and Anil even poked Sanjay. They are industry people and they feel comfortable talking about it this way as they know it was only a rumour, especially since all of them have admiration for Madhuri.  In the other video Sanjay once again chose Madhuri as his favourite co-star.


These only show that Sanjay always had respect for Madhuri and  continues to have.

I the above video  in 2017 Sanjay says in a TV program that among all the actresses he would like to Marry Madhuri Dixit. He says it to display his fondness for Madhuri  and also to taunt the gossip media about false rumor. If there was any such truth he would not tae Madhuri’s name. Like Amitab will never say Rekha’s name or Mithun Sridevi’s name.

So even in logical framework the gossip does not hold.

After Sanjay’s arrest in 1993 media wrote that his younger sisters commented against Madhuri,  in the following interview in Filmfare Sep 1994 she replied to it in a very dignified manner (marked by redline), it is a fact that the sister/s did not express any grievances to her afterwards.

img_0019 img_020

Madhuri Dixit’s interview Filmfare Set 1994

The above interview also shows that they completely ignore Sanjay’s already published interview after his bail (and the old ones) only with a view to attack her. It also shows how desperately they tried to link her with someone (in the later part of the interview they bring up Jai Mehta) .

In later years till her marriage in 1999 media wrote many stories about her so called link up with her secretary.

A journalist, named Bharti Pradhan, wrote an article titled “love in the times of terror” in The Telegraph, May 2011. In that, she tried to imply that Madhuri never explicitly denied it before the TADA arrest, this is untrue as can be seen by following four interviews of Madhuri from 1991 and 1992.

img_0009 img_0010 img_0014 img_00042


Madhuri interviews from Movie Oct, 1991, Stardust Jan 1991,Filmfare Oct 1992, Showtime March 1992

The journalist also wrote, “that Sanju was smitten was written all over his face (and he didn’t deny it to his buddies)” But she hides that Sanjay Dutt too denied it before (the already posted interview scans of Sanjay’s in this article from 1991 and 1992). She also does not mention who were these so called “buddies” of his. The journalist also ignores the fact that after getting bail Sanjay once again denies his linkup with Madhuri (Movie Oct 1993, scan is posted above in the first section of this article). Bharti Pradhan also completely ignored that both of them came together in 1996 for finishing the shoot of Mahaanta, not to mention Sanjay publicly talking about Madhuri with fondness. Based on their friendship,  the journalist forms her theory from “reading” Madhuri’s mind, and seeing what was “written” on Sanjay’s face.

To Summarize,

  • The gossip stories were based on their mutual admiration and friendship as seen on the sets.
  • The rumors could never claim that they meeting outside film work, in fact the stories used this fact to portray that “they were very cautious”.
  • Some of the stories involved Sanjay saying things to his “buddies”, which are always unnamed and unverified.
  • The stories never mentioned about Madhuri saying anything to anyone, which was interpreted as her being too shrewd.
  • The current versions of stories never report Sanjay’s denial of the rumor before and after his TADA arrest, neither do they mention anything about Madhuri denial about it before his TADA arrest. They only mention her denial after his arrest to support their narrative of how it ended.
  •  The current versions of the stories conveniently omit the fact that they worked together in film Mahanta 1997 after the so called “breakup”.
  • The current versions also omit the fact that they kept meeting each other and Sanjay Dutt continued to express his praise and admiration for Madhuri on record.

This analysis conclusively shows the rumors were only rumors. It is not know that whether the media of current time that carry such a story suffer from collective psychosis, are disastrously incompetence or are just diabolically dishonest.


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